Taking Ash Wednesday to the Streets

Today Lauren's thumb will be black with ash

Today is Lauren Winner’s first Ash Wednesday as an Episcopal priest, and she’ll be standing on a public street corner, imposing ashes on willing passersby. More interesting, however, than the fact that she’s doing this, is why she’s doing it.

This year, I will be joining many Episcopal priests in taking the public witness of Ash Wednesday one step further. On Wednesday, my colleague Catherine Caimano and I will put on cassocks and surplices, and go to a corner near Duke University Hospital with small containers of ashes and copies of a litany of repentance from the Book of Common Prayer. We will offer “the imposition of ashes” to people in the street.

READ THE REST: Religion News Service | Why Ash Wednesday belongs out of the church and out on the streets.

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  • David

    Here are some great pictures and videos of Episcopal Churches across the country doing “Ashes to Go.” Great!



  • jay

    Sounds like an interesting publicity stunt, but might there be more culturally relevant symbol that we might use if we are going to try to take the message of repentance to the streets?

    • I think it’s fair to question whether this is simply an archaic rite that has no connection to most people’s lived experience.

    • The point of public witness is that you do it where people can see it, in a way that people will notice. Probably some will take offense.