Frank Schaeffer Has a Message for Denominations

Frank Schaeffer Has a Message for Denominations March 17, 2012

Frank writes,

I’ve been speaking at many small colleges that have historical ties to the oldest mainline denominations in the U.S. I have been noticing something interesting: a terrific hunger for a deeper spirituality on the part of many young people who come from evangelical backgrounds like mine and also like me are looking for something outside of the right wing conservatism they come from.

I’ve also noticed that while some people in the so-called emergent evangelical movement are reaching out to these young people the leaders of the mainline denominations both locally and nationally often seem blind to a huge new opportunity for growth and renewal staring them in the face. That new opportunity is the scores of younger former evangelicals diving headlong out of the right wing evangelical churches.

Read the Rest: Frank Schaeffer: Missing the “Mainline” Protestant Opportunity.

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  • Larry Kreh

    As a mainline evangelical Christian UMC and UPCUSA background I have a very difficult time with all the stereotyping of evangelicals snd evangelical youth. In particular the docial gospel of the United Methodist Church emphasized tolerance anf diversity in the Church. Now disagreement regarding Gay marriage is cslled HATE. Homophobia is assumed if you ate not politically correct within the church. I have an evangelical faith, voted for Obama, believe in universal health care, and take seriously my devotion and prayer life. I want to be loving but see significant hyprocrisy.

    I heard Frank Schaeffer on the KGO “Godtalk” in San Francisco (an excellent program) say he is not sure whete he is regarding the Christian faith–probably “agnostic”. It is ironic that when younger I read most of his father’s books and resisted much of what he said. But he was an environmentalist and ran Labri centers in Europe that reached out to a diverse audience of the 1960’s–Christian and non-Christian alike Many of those “disciples” are on the political left.But they discovered faith outsideof the main line churches of their parents.

    The main line churches should allow room for evangelicals and even Republicans. Take stands on docial issues without reverse bigotry and name calling.

    If I can’t be a centtist in either so-called evangelical or main-line circles, where shall I go. Right now it seems it’s in centrist churches, both evangelical (and they are numerous) or main line churches which can tolerate true diversity.

    • Curtis

      You just need to find a Norwegian church. They never talk about sex!

  • Tony, thanks for posting this. I trust you are well. Lets talk soon. Best, Frank

  • Turnip Ghost

    Shaeffer is as much a bigot and blinkered in his “Orthodoxy” as he was as a Fundiegelical. Why would I give the Greeks a pass-they don’t allow women clergy, they don’t allow married bishops, they don’t allow priests whose wife has died to remarry. And forget ordaining the openly gay. Why beat up on the Popoids and the Fundiegelicals for being backwards when these clowns do the same things-or worse-and nobody calls them on it? Is it only important when it affects us in “The West”?

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