On Jason Russell’s Meltdown

This is the best post I’ve seen:

If our brokenness disqualifies us from offering our goodness to the world, then what hope do any of us have of contributing anything at all?

Jason Russell isn’t a tabloid celebrity that makes a living entertaining others or being celebrated for a skill or talent he possesses.  He appears to be a social activist that has dedicated his life to something he believes in.  Whether or not his motives, ideologies or practices are effective, accurate or even honest is irrelevant for me (in regard to the heart of what I am trying to say here).

What I do know is that Jason Russell is my new hero.  He is a gift to all of us.  He is a reminder that we aren’t designed to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, and he gives us hope that it’s okay to radically love people without having to do it perfectly.  He also reminds us that we are all fully capable of crashing and burning under the unbearable weight of our own insecurity, fear and sense of inadequacy.

via If this guy isn’t a man after God’s own heart, I don’t know who is. | Wreck Yourself..

HT: Taylor Gahm on Twitter

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