Jamie Is the Very Worst Missionary

I have a new blog for you to read. Jamie, who believes that she is the very worst missionary, is also a helluva funny writer. She and her brood live in Costa Rica, from whence she sends hilarious missives via the tubes. One, excerpted below, is about a group of American teens she ran across who were missionizing on her turf. They were giving out free hugs. For Jesus. Hilarity ensues.

Read her, follow her, like her:

As we moved through the crowded promenade, we could see these Gringos were were out in force, carrying signs (many in English) that said “Free hugs” and “Jesus loves You” and a couple of references to 1Corinthians, the love chapter.

Eventually, one of them found her way over to where we were sitting to offer a Jesus hug. Being a non-toucher, in general, I quickly declined. “No, thank you. I’m….I’m good.” And when my sweet, affection-loving friend finally relented to the poor girl’s persistent (insistent?) offer to give her a hug from Jesus, I knew immediately that I had made the right decision. That chick had my poor friend wrapped up like a cage-fighter when I saw how bad she was pitting-out. We’re talking pit-stains the size of Rhode Island…. For real. Want a hug? And possibly a communicable disease?…*Shudder*

By the way, Jesus loves you!

via Jamie the Very Worst Missionary: Hugs for Jesus..

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