A Better Atonement: You’re a Pig in a Poke

Singer-songwriter Roger Flyer has submitted this take on the atonement (lyrics below the video):

Sweet potato pie
We can’t help ourselves
And we don’t know why.

Original blessing
Or original sin
A man’s born into trouble
The day he walks in…

Slither from the skin
Leave it on the road
Grow into the new
Like a born again toad.

Mama, pay the piper
Give the dog a bone
Thrown into this world
Gotta fly away alone.

They say the Spirit
Make ya shiny and new
Like a new born baby
Little boy blue.

One woman’s story
But every woman’s sin
She born into trouble
The day she breaks in…

Some say: The heart is wicked
Some: The soul is true
A mighty sticky wicket
For a man to get through.

God made it all good
But the soul gone so bad
Like a little boy blue
Gets a whuppin’ from his dad?

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