My Black Brother

That headline is not metaphorical. My parents, in their retirement, have taken in a young African American man, and he has lived with them for the past several years. Cavonte has become a part of our family, and a brother to me. His mother is in prison, and he does not know his father. We have become his family.

My parents have performed a profound act of Christian charity.

Last night, the local news aired a story on Cavonte and my parents:

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  • I saw your tweet, read this story, and watched the video.

    Thanks so very much for sharing.

    I wish this young man well.

    Please give your parents a big thank you from a stranger.

  • Charles

    I saw this last night and never connected “The Jones’ from Edina” with you, TJ. Should have. I makes a whole lot of sense, now. Wonderful story.

  • Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  • Brad C

    Truly a profound act of Christian charity – I am so glad that the world contains people who act in Christ’s love to make it a better place for others.
    Love the family pic at the cabin!

  • Brian

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  • Carla

    Just beautiful.

  • Wow Tony. Very cool story.

    I want to live with your parents after Cavonte leaves. I’d like to be a three sport star and math genius too! 🙂

  • Caught the news last night. It was great.

  • That brings tears to my eyes. You must be very proud to have such a wonderful family, Tony.

  • Wanda V

    God bless them – all three of them.

  • MarkE

    Wow. Awesome.

  • Tessa

    Very impressive young man! And what great parents you have. Tony. Your mom seems strong and delightful!

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