Christianity Might Need Some Color

Hindus, celebrating the Holi Festival, have got color in abundance. I’m afraid our religion is pretty bland in comparison.

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  • jay

    It is as colorful as you make it.

  • Dude, have you been to a Mexican celebration of Our Lady Of Guadalupe – with all the flowers, colorful dresses and the Mariachis?!

    • Touche. I drove past one in Dallas once. You’re right, super colorful.

  • Curtis

    Maybe we can learn something from our Central-American brothers and sisters

  • Harold Stassen

    Like what, bribery of public officials? Having more children than we can afford? Treating our daughters worse than our sons? What can we learn from Latin , America? Would anyone sane move from here to there? Or is this just patronizing “Oh they have such color and feeling and warmth! We Anglos could learn so much!”