Mark Driscoll’s Church Vandalized by Angry Queers

No, seriously, that’s the name of the group: Angry Queers. They threw baseball-sized rocks through windows (in case you don’t know how big a baseball is, the reporter holds one up to show you). Among the windows broken were century-old stained glass.


Vandals smashed nine windows with rocks at Mars Hill Church in southeast Portland overnight and a group claimed responsibility in an email sent to FOX 12.

Neighbors of the church called 911 at 3:20 a.m. Tuesday to report six people dressed in all black who had broken windows at the church.

Baseball-sized rocks were found around the church when police arrived. A Portland police spokesman said there was damage to nine standard windows and a hole in a section of the large, stained-glass window above the church’s main entrance.

via Vandals smash windows at Mars Hill Church in southeast Portland – KPTV – FOX 12.

Driscoll may be a bigot, but Angry Queers are stupid, stupid people.

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  • Jim

    No, Driscoll is a stupid, stupid person. Don’t mess with Portland.

  • Seems like those advocating greater tolerance should maybe practice a little?

  • Can’t solve anger with more anger. The only way to stop somebody like Driscoll is to overpower him with love – stooping to his level will only make things worse.

    • Darren

      It can be really, really hard sometimes but you are exactly right. Anger and violence only always beget more of the same until someone willfully breaks the cycle – and the longer the cycle continues, the harder it is to break. Love doesn’t always produce the change in others that you hope for, but rarely fails to make the appropriate change in you.

  • What are the chances that this WAS Mark Driscoll, dressed in dark clothes, throwing baseballs at his own building, and blaming it on Angry Queers (seriously, only Driscoll could come up with a fake name that unimaginative)? Can you really put it past him at this point?

    • Haha so true! I pretty much guarantee it was Driscoll and his band of disciples.

  • Rich

    Yep, as someone recently said, the tolerance police have two maxims.

    1. We love free speech.
    2. Shut up.

  • Is this seriously news worthy?
    Why encourage them…

  • Susan

    I can’t condone vandalism. Sticks & stones do break bones but bigots’ words kill the spirit and sometimes the body and soul. Looks like some really beaten down people are trying to get that message across. Living with hatred and oppression can do that to people.

  • Jim

    Wo! Bob freaking Hyatt. There’s a name I thought I’d never see again. Apparently not.

  • All the anti-Driscoll rhetoric concerns me. Where is the line between the autonomy of a local body, however distasteful, and the exertion of outside influences. At what point do I or anyone else come under fire for our beliefs or teachings. When does my witticism of another do more to solidify support for the embattled leader and take the emphasis away from the ideas themselves. How can the ideas be countered in a loving way that wins over my enemy or their supporters?

  • that should read criticism.

  • Jay

    “A riot is the language of the unheard.” Martin Luther King .Jr.

  • cdweb

    A politically stupid act (especially on the pragmatic level). An utterly uncreative political act no doubt (ACT-UP would never have been this dull or gutless) . Interesting that some seem to care more about property destruction then the lives destroyed by bullying! Seems to be exposing what we really value.