A Letter to your Twenty-Something Self

Mark Scandrette has written a letter to himself twenty years ago:

Twenty something self, I speak the truth from kindness. So far life has been easy for you.. You’ve gotten by on natural talents and charm, but in the future you will have to work harder and smarter.   You have good dreams and ideals, but it will take time to turn your bravado into tangible actions that others can see and affirm. The people around you are a mirror, giving you feedback on what you put out there. Sometimes you are impatient and proud and not that self-aware. Listen to your frustrations. Reflect on where you find energy  and keep moving toward what makes you feel alive.

Read the Rest: Mark Scandrette » Dear Twenty-Something Self.

What would you say to yourself twenty years ago?

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  • ME

    The full letter is really great.

    “When you are 41 years old, you will stand atop that tower looking out on the horizon, seeing what lies beyond and wondering if you have the courage to jump, leaving behind the persona and props of identity that you have so carefully curated and cultivated.”

    This part really resonated with me. The leap to faith!

  • Scott Gay

    I have Mark’s book “Practicing the Way Of Jesus Life Together in the Kingdom of Love” 2011 Intervarsity Press. It is evidence of a willingness to take risks with an acknowledgement of the difficulty, hard work, and smartness necessary to be on the way. Actions that others can see and affirm included.

  • Scott Gay

    Oh and…. I’m 66, so talking to my self twenty years ago would still put me older than Mark is now. I think you can see that Mark in his early forties is pushing up against the universal stage of Fowler’s spiritual development. It is unique to get there at that age, and especially so in that so few confront it at all. I would say to my own 40 something that it is important to search out and learn from others who are leaving conjunctive reality for those unifying principles of love and justice. The Taize community comes to mind as a contemporary illustration.

    • ME

      I agree with you that so few confront the issue at all, but I don’t say it much because it makes me out to be an ass.

      Also, I think think being born again, born from above, born of the spirit, as Jesus said to Nicodemus, are pretty similar to Stages 5 and 6 of Fowler’s plan, and Jesus can make that happen at any age.

  • I’m Patricia, the name behind ‘Bangkok’ in your site stats. Letters to our younger selves… quite therapeutic, somehow they allow us to believe in evolution and creation, in a shorter span, of course. You asked what we’d say to ourselves 20 years ago. Here’s my letter. http://patridew.wordpress.com/2011/01/18/a-letter-to-a-30-year-old-me/