Brian McLaren, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Lauren Winner, Shane Hipps, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Lillian Daniel, and Mark Scandrette Walk Into a Bar…

I am extremely proud of this product for congregational study and adult faith formation. The video below is the first sneak peek. To find out more info when it becomes available this summer, sign up HERE.

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  • Kimberly

    This looks great, I really look forward to exploring it!

  • Frank

    Well there is another thing people should avoid.

    • Frank, do you ever get tired of being such a class act?

      • Frank

        What? Warning people so stay far away from those with questionable theology is being unclassy? Ok.

        • Phil Miller

          I know I, for one, take theological advice from strangers on the internet very seriously…

          • Frank

            Anyone can read the stuff these guys produce and come to their own conclusions. They do not have to take my word for it that they are filled with incorrect theology.

          • Larry Barber

            Frank, have you read a significant fraction of the works of McClaren, Bolz-Weber, Winner, If so you shouldn’t have trouble coming up with more substantive accusation than “filled with incorrect theology”. I strongly suspect all you know about those authors is what you’ve read off of fundamentalist web sites.

          • Frank

            Actually Larry despite their propensity to never land anywhere their views on salvation, hell and sexuality tells us more than enough to rightly dismiss them as man made “theologians.”

          • Larry Barber

            In other words, “No, I have never read them”. Thanks for clearing that up.

            BTW Frank, all theologians, including fundamentalist theologians, are “man-made”, as are all theologies.

          • Frank

            Then let me clarify: I have read their errant views and yes I guess all theology has a man made element. The difference is whether you follow the word of God or try and change it to create your own faith and your own god.

        • Frank, you’re an asshole.

          Ahhh, that felt good.

          • Frank

            So you can post I am an asshole but my snark gets deleted? Classy!

          • Evelyn

            He’s not an asshole, he’s a troll. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!


          • Melody

            Well, Evelyn, the two usually go hand in hand. I’d say he fits #1, especially #4, #7 and 8, #15 (as evidenced by his trolling on John Shore’s blog under at least 3 different names). The only one missing from that list is the one who thinks he has to answer every. single. comment directed to him.

          • Basil

            Personally, I think he a closeted gay man. Those closet queens, some of them can be so hateful — projecting their own self loathing at others, like Ted Haggard or George “lift my luggage” Rekers. Judging by his posts, I think Frank fits the description to a “t”. It’s just sad.

          • Frank

            Oh Basil you caught me! :rolleyes

    • ME

      Frank, I’m not saying you should change your goal, whatever it is, but, it appears to me a change of tactics would be wise.

      • Frank

        You are probably right ME. Its hard not to get pissy when I think of all the people these guys are deceiving with their made up religion. I have been getting convicted lately about my tone so thanks for your input. I guess I wonder what is the best approach to take when dealing with wolves? I do have a problem distinguishing online between people who have been deceived themselves and are just parrotting and the purposeful deceivers. I am open to any and all advice.

        • ME

          If I had any advice useful advice I’d tell you. But, I do think of a couple things Jesus said. He told a parable and finished it saying, “let those who have ears hear” and another time he finished by saying “blessed are those who are not offended at me.” It seems to me Jesus says his piece and then lets people believe what they believe. He doesn’t coerce or try to argue them into following him. And he doesn’t have a 100% success rate of winning people over, either.

          • Frank

            Thanks ME. I am under no illusions that I can change the minds and hearts of Tony or others who are vocal here. The real tragedy are the people who are seeking answers and may stumble into this place and be led completely astray; being told things they want hear instead of the truth of God, which can be uncomfortable at times.

  • Dale Friesen

    I just signed up for the update list, and I was very sad Mennonite was not one of the possible denomonations listed. However, I am happy to be “other.”

    • I’m always “other” too. I feel your pain, Dale!

  • Patrick

    This looks great! I’m looking forward to how this might work in my setting. Thanks, Tony!

  • Kenton

    This looks good, Tony. Is it possible there might be a subscription-based price structure on this? I have a group of guys who are looking to do an online group over the summer and this might work if we can have a group login to watch the videos. (I’m assuming the videos won’t be posted outright, is that correct?)

    • Kenton, we’re looking into online streaming options for our videos. I’ll pass your question on to the team.

  • Carl

    A self-refuting exercise in missing the point video series… yay!

  • Charles

    I like the premise, a lot of familiar faces, all good folk – especially the locals (R&R). Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    (and, yes, on the Frank comment – I would have sent him to the nether-land a long time ago.)

  • Looks fantastic. Great work Tony (and the rest).

  • shane

    Where did Frank go? … I hadn’t laughed all day until I found this comment thread …
    Come back Frank, say some more!

    So good.

    • Frank

      How wonderful that you find people’s lives, both now and eternal, as a funny subject because that’s what is at stake here. Then again you don’t take Gods word seriously so why should I expect you to take me seriously. So sad.

  • shane

    BTW – very pumped about Animate!! Way to go!

  • This looks fantastic! I am excited about this.

  • Basil


    Enough about Frank (poor thing – his world must be so grim). Animate seems very interesting. The video reminded me of my Quaker meetings — a very personal spiritual experience.

  • This is great, Tony! I am looking forward to checking it out and seeing if it works for us. We are looking for some series/resources that might serve as meaty but fun faith formation pieces.

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  • Andrew

    “I am extremely proud of this product for congregational study and adult faith formation. The video below is the first sneak peek” Pride is a sin my friend that is abominable to the Lord. Humble yourself and repent.

  • M

    Why so sour at this guy Frank? He warns, and gest bullied almost, by a number of persons, supposedly christian.

    I just happened to find this page, and the only thing I´d say is that I am soo sad my own cousin is running the publishing house printing Brian Mc Larens books in Sweden, where I live.

    They have had a profound impact among the swedish evangelical/pentecostal churches, among others, and that´s to me very sad. A firm belief in the Bible is thinning out, and now my own pastor (pentecostal church) can stand in the pulpit and without ANY hesitation or even comment or explanation state it´s ok for a christian to believe in Darwinian Evolution, and recommend people to read Richard Foster. Ok, some good may be found in his books, but meditation and eastern religious practices are NOT sound, and should be warned for if encouraging people to read writers like him who endorses such bthings.

    Our grandfather started the publishing house I mentioned and if he knew whats getting printed nowadays by it (not only Mc Laren) he´d roll in his grave.

    I read one of Mr McLarens books, A New Kind of Christianity, and found it wanting a true christian teaching. I must say I do find folks like Appraising Ministries (in spite of sometimes using quite strong wordings) actually do give a fairly correct view of his and the Emergent Church´s theology; a bad one it surely is.

    Since I have not been here before I may not get why this Frank gets so heavily bullied, but it seems to me he have “got it” and just tries to warn people off from taking in something that is poisonous.

    Read “Faith Undone”, then “A Time of Departing”, by Roger Oakland and Ray Youngen respectively, please.

    At least you Tony J may have interest in reading those two books. Maybe You already have. If not, by reading those books, which is done in two, three days, You´d possibly get why some react so heavily on the EC teachings…

    M, from, today, a very sunny Sweden

  • Jeremy

    Oh man, I just came here to say “more please” having just finished our first night with Brian’s lesson. I’ve watched them all, and each of the sessions is so well put together — I’m really hoping there’s a plan for more.

    So, is there a plan for more?

    Sadly, someone trolled the comments just about to death.

    • Yes, Jeremy, there will be more! Stay tuned…