Richard Beck Gets His Ass Kicked

Theoblogger Richard Beck has a beautiful post about his worship home, a small service called Freedom:

Another thing I like about Freedom: One of the church leaders and I have a running conversation (and he might have this conversation with more than just me). A few months ago he came up to me and asked, “Richard, do you know why we come to church?” “Why?” “So God can kick us in the ass.” Every week it’s a variation on that theme. “Richard, did God kick you in the ass today?”

I smile and say yes.

Read the rest: Experimental Theology: Freedom.

And if you haven’t yet read Richard’s book, Unclean, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

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  • When I read the title of the post my first thought was, “Uh oh, Tony’s going to kick my ass about something.”

    BTW, we still need to have our conversation about the Eucharist and how I use it in Unclean. That’s a part of the book that really needs to get fleshed out.

  • Martin Edwards

    “More and more I’m convinced that the gospel only makes sense out on the margins” Tony have you had any thoughts on this quote by Richard? If this is true then it’s a complete game changer.