Has Zondervan Jumped the Shark?

I’ve got a few books with Zondervan, so I’ve got some skin in this game. Also, I’ll admit that every publisher has books in their catalog of which they’re embarrassed (here’s one from my current employer).
But this one from Zondervan speaks for itself:

Playful Puppies Bible

Release Date: 07/02/2012 – Price: $24.99

Synopsis: If you love dogs and puppies, you’ll love the Playful Puppies Bible! Inside this compact Bible you will find 12 color pages of adorable puppy photos with inspirational thoughts that will encourage you day after day.

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  • “I like puppies.” ~ Rupert Murdoch 🙂

  • Erin


    • Jack Keck

      You may have to use both palms.

  • They are idiots. If they were paying attention, they would see that LOL cats are doing much better on the internet.

    I want a LOL Cats Bible.

  • Dan Hauge

    Genocide in Joshua getting you down? Just flip to the puppies!

  • Oh, look. A puppy returning to his own vomit. . . .

  • Jackie
    • Jackie

      (This is reply to Rick.)

  • Kenton

    Linky no-worky? (The “here’s one from my current employer” gave me a 404.)

  • Craig

    I might go for a swimsuit edition.

  • and at $2 a page it’s got real value for money too!

  • Jay

    This is ruff! 😉

  • Jay

    The dog reenactment of the crucifixion was a bit much, but the cat roman solders are cute.

    • I dunno, Jay. I thought the “Dogs Playing Poker to Win Christ’s Robe” quite well-done, really.

  • Once again, Evangelicals are arrogantly wading into politics.

  • I thought the puppy caught in adultery had a good moral lesson, and wasn’t the parable of the good samaricat just precious!

  • Isn’t there a proverb about a dog returning to its own vomit? Somehow that proverb came to mind when I saw this. Wonder if there is a “biblical” photo of that?

  • No, Tony, you’re doing it wrong. When you get an idea like this you’re supposed to save it for April 1st. Good realistic cover mock-up though; you almost had me believing it was real.

  • Chris

    The phrase is: I’ve got “a” skin in this game, or possibly: I’ve got some skin”s” in this game. Not: “I’ve got some skin in this game.” A sports (golf) phrase of which the meaning and origin you must not be familiar.

    Just FYI, ’cause it sounded kinda awkward.

    • Actually, you are mixing up your idioms. There is “skin in the game” and there is “skin game.” Skin game refers to and has its origins in golf. “Skin in the game” is an investment idiom speaking to personal risk in investment (e.g., “You can’t trust him because he doesn’t have any skin in the game.”) So, the original was correct. Just saying’…

      • Chris

        Okay, I’m being a bit polemic here, but I’m sticking by my first observation, here’s why.
        Skins game (not Skin game) is a popular golf wagering game where a “skin” is worth a pre- determined amount of money. Since it’s a game with wagering and side-betting, personal risk is involved just as you’d mentioned in investing. I would legitimately state: I have a skin in this game, meaning I have a financial interest, in the golf context, so I’m not mixing idioms. No experienced golfer would ever say: “I’ve got some skin in this game”, but I do admit that in some other context it might be possible tho’ less likely in the original context. Just saying’.

        I know it’s petty.

        • MS

          I think it is “skin in the game”, i.e., a pound of flesh. It implies a lot at stake.

  • As long as there’s no hint of the EVOLUTION of puppies! And their playfulness!

  • Jamie

    I like that it lays flat. Down Bible…Good Bible…

  • Revelation says no dogs in the heavenly Jerusalem, so I bet there are no cute pictures on those pages! lol…

  • Kathy

    In answer to your question, probably not. The pet market is HUGE in the U.S. So is the Bible market. These two have only begun to cross. You didn’t mention “Curious Kittens.” When they ring pets dry, there’s always “All the Animals in the Bible.” With animal-friendly choices of leopard or zebra print, or camel pleather.

    But they missed a great marketing opportunity–probably because of corporate ambivalence in putting theological stakes in the ground regarding (1) whether animals have eternal destiny issues, and (2) household salvation and election, in the case of Christian pet owners–with the positive promise that owners will be reunited with their playful puppies in heaven. That would have been a turbo-booster for sales. And they could have inserted a “See You in Heaven” dedication page for pets, so the owner could dedicate his/her puppy to the Lord and ink in a paw print. It would be a great comfort after the animal passed on. . . .

  • My dog would happily eat a bible.

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