The Cross Is Where God Is

That’s Nadia Bolz-Weber’s message in the new adult faith formation resource, Animate, that I’ve been working on at sparkhouse. Below, you can see a snippet of her video. You can also watch previews of the videos by Brian McLaren, Lillian Daniel, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Mark Scandrette, Shane Hipps, and Lauren Winner.

Animate will come out later this month. I think you’ll like it. Sign up here to get more info when it’s available.

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  • Colleen

    I just watched the brief video, but, call me old fashioned…I feel comfort in those crosses and stained glass windows and historic churches. I also feel comfort in the priests traditional clothing.. Does that make me not as deep of a Christian?

    • I am in love with old churches with stained glass windows and can’t imagine my parish not worshiping in that context. I wear a clergy collar and when it is called for, an alb and chasuble. if you watch the whole video when it comes out you will see how totally central the cross is to my understanding of who God is.

  • Would REALLY love to see some queer voices, like Shannon Kearns and Brian Murphy. i can HOPE this will someday happen where queer voices will be given a platform as well. Maybe those voices are already in the planning stage? There are plenty out there ready and willing to share their stories!