Religion Makes You Healthier

Canadians who attend religious services — and there aren’t many — are healthier than their compatriots:

People who attend religious services regularly are less likely than others in this country to develop diabetes or high blood pressure, a new study suggests, adding a Canadian dimension to the growing but contentious body of research linking faith and good health.

The authors, from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., theorize that Christian and other religious gatherings help stave off disease by offering a stress-reducing social-support network, frowning on risky behaviour like smoking and drinking and encouraging good diet and exercise.

‘It is the religious belief system that is driving people to care for one another and love one another’

They suggest that doctors take advantage of the findings by urging religious patients to tap into the health-promoting traditions of their faith.

via Attending religious services linked to better health | Holy Post | National Post.

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  • Evelyn

    This link points to an article that is about a study that finds a positive correlation between Christianity and obesity:

  • JoeyS

    Like Evelyn said, I think in the US there is a tendency for Christians to be slightly more obese than non-Christians – or so I’ve read. Not sure where. Good for the Canadians, though.

  • Pat Pope

    Hmmm…but what about the health of church leaders who are presumably there every week? Some of them probably suffer from a large amount of stress, I would imagine, having been an elder at one time.

  • Cdweb

    The study is based on a survey, it shows a link, it does not show the directionality of this link, nor exclude other factors (the authors seem to assume secondary facters are involved) The report is claiming much more than what the research shows (typical).

  • Colleen

    This is kind of off topic, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately..does Satan go to church? I was told he can’t stand holy water so how can he tolerate church