Overzealous Tambourine Player Tazed at Church

Luckily, the NewsChannel 4 Reporter shakes a tambourine in the story, just in case you forgot what it sounds like:

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  • DaveB


  • This is a great cautionary video to show before worship. 😉

    • Brian P.

      Yes. I think many have seen /that/ tambourine player. The Bible may say, “make a joyful noise,” but as far as I know there isn’t a verse indicating not to taze her for doing so!

  • You know what this story needs? More cowbell!

  • This is why we are a cappella at HFASS.

  • Kenton

    This brings back a memory: a lady in the church I was in a dozen or so years ago put an announcement in the bulletin offering tambourine classes. Really. Not only that, but she was offering both *beginner* tambourine classes and *advanced* tambourine classes.

    It prompted a friend to ask, “so…what if you’re not really a *beginner* tambourine player… but… you’re not really ‘advanced’ either? Is there no place for lessons?”

  • Luke Allison

    This was just par for the course for me growing up. Restraining orders were handed out bi-weekly.

    One time, during an especially powerful altar-call, all of the “slayers” got “slain” as well, and there was one lady left with no one to slay her. So she looked around a few times, made a decision, and slapped herself in the forehead. She collapsed like a ton of bricks. I never saw another “suicide in the spirit” again. True story. You can’t make it up.

  • Sally D

    Not so funny. She looks to me like an agitated drug abuser, now assaulted.

    Though on reading the headline it crossed my mind that some poor frustrated sound engineer would have to be a suspect in the tazing of a tambourinist. My hubby is an engineer and the calmest of guys but congregational tambourines can drive any sound team over the edge.

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