David Lose See the Light: Denominations Are Passé

David Lose thinks your denomination is a waste of time and money.

David Lose, professor at Luther Seminary, author of Making Sense of Scripture: Big Questions About the Book of Faith, and the brains behind WorkingPreacher.org list five reasons that denominations are a big fat waste of time and money. Here’s #3. Click through below to see the rest.

3) Inordinate amounts of funding are spent on maintaining denominational structures and bureaucracies, money that could be spent on mission. Even though every denomination I know has in recent years cut way back on spending, eliminated various divisions or boards, or extended the times between major assemblies or conventions, denominations are still expending vast sums of money to prop up dated denominational bureaucracies. Would it not make sense to conserve resources by efficiently combining structures? Are seven or eight struggling denominational publishing houses better than one robust one? Where there are three beleaguered denominational seminaries in a single region, might not one healthy pan-denominational school suffice? (And we haven’t even started on congregations!) Think of what might happen if the savings were channeled to funding creative media campaigns that didn’t extol the virtues of one denomination but taught the Christian faith.

via Five Reasons Denominations are Passé | …In the Meantime.

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  • Curtis

    Lose states that “non-denominational churches are the answer, as they’ve essentially become denominations minus any sense of organization”. But I think some kind of non-denominational identity may be needed. Denominations are simply too historically tied to ethnic identity. You could merge all progressive mainline denominations together to achieve some cost efficiencies and clarification of mission, but you’d still be stuck with the struggle of ethnic diversity. Your church choir would still be lily-white.

    Some sort of non-denominational identity may be the only way to shed the church of its deep ethnic ties, and truly open its doors to all people and cultures.

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