Is a Devastating Wildfire Like Premarital Sex?

Doesn't this look like premarital sex to you?

The as-usual hamfisted Focus on the Family seems to think so. In a blog post that was subsequently scrubbed from their website after backlash (seriously, who could have seen that coming?), Chad Hills wrote:

Questions begin to fester in our heads: So many fires have started in such close, uncanny sequence in Colorado, with Waldo Canyon being more recent … Would any sane person intentionally start a series of fires (arson) that would destroy other people’s lives? Could someone be so reckless or careless as to start a campfire, disregarding the extremely dry conditions, risks and a state-wide fire ban that is in effect? Or could it be nature, such as lightning, absent of rain?

Wouldn’t we all agree that it’s better to prevent a forest fire, if and when possible, than treat the immense damage in its aftermath?

These questions are similar to what the National Abstinence Education Association (NAEA) is asking Congress and state legislatures about our nation’s approach toward pre-marital sex … Certain questions arise: Why aren’t our schools, our states and our nation placing a clear and unquestionable priority on sexual risk avoidance (SRA)?

Really, you can read the whole thing and see a screenshot of the post at Mother Jones: How Wildfires Are Just Like Premarital Sex | Mother Jones.

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  • Evelyn

    Forest fires are like premarital sex because they are kind of fun until they get out of hand and leave you begging for continence.

  • Curtis

    Any forester will tell you that a forest cannot survive without wildfires; some plants depend on fires for growth and reproduction. But I don’t think that was the direction Mr. Hills was trying to go with this. It is a broken analogy from top to bottom.

  • Jordan

    Well, could someone be so reckless or careless as to start a “campfire,” disregarding the “extremely dry conditions”…err, well, without access to information about those things…I guess maybe…

  • Tim

    Ouch. Well, they may not have had the wisdom to refrain from posting something like that but at least they took it down, that’s almost as surprising to me. And I don’t mean that sarcastically, I am surprised and thankful they they took that down. It’s not helpful, nor is it a faithful witness.

    • Melody

      Agreed, Tim. I’m glad they took it down. Promiscuity might be more comparable to their example, but for ,monogamous relationships, absolutely not. I mean, really. Paul says it’s better to marry than to burn with lust, which may be true for some people. But nowhere does the Bible address sexual purity, especially to the obsessive level taken by True Love Waits people.

  • Frank

    While I raise my eyebrows at histrionic analogies and hyperbole, there is an appropriate analogy between fire and sex.

    Fire can be a wonderful thing when used within boundaries but if it’s not contained it burns everything in its path.

    Sex can be a wonderful thing when used within Gods boundaries of one man and one woman in marriage but can destroy everything around it if let outside these boundaries.

  • Evelyn

    In the Old Testament, if a man had sex with an unmarried woman the intercoursers were married regardless of whether there was a community ceremony. So there was no premarital sex. There was only marriage and adultery.

    • ME

      I think it’s pretty much the same now, except unmarried man or woman.

  • R. Jay Pearson

    So wait a minute . . . the Colorado-based ‘Focus on the Family’ just capitalized on the subject of the continuing Colorado fires where thousands of Colorado residents have either evacuated and/or lost their homes to the flames (to say nothing of firefighters who have lost their lives as well), and used that to analogously advance their political/moral agenda?

    Considering this came from ‘Focus on the Family,’ it is at the same time disgusting and unsurprising.

    On that note, prayers in abundance to those affected by the fires in Colorado. And prayers that the folks at ‘Focus on the Family’ are infused with greater sensitivity and wisdom, and that they may actually devote some of their resources to helping their presently suffering Colorado neighbors rather than publishing and then un-publishing foolishness at their expense.

  • Tom

    Well, the analogy can be taken even further. Just like with the wildfires and the fact that 32000 people were displace but Focus on the Family and the other megachurches here in the Springs didn’t say a peep of what they would do to help them they also want no abortions yet are not there to help the unwed mothers take care of those children. Seems they hold true to their word or should I say silence.