A Little Pushback on Ordain Thyself

I was interviewed this afternoon on AM800 CJAD talk radio in Montreal. One of the hosts liked my app, Ordain Thyself. Another did not.

Listen to the interview here.

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  • Jim Armstrong

    IMHO, it is great fun! And I enjoyed the interview.

  • http://salamanderslam.com Dave H.

    “Is the bishop on the phone?”

    I would like you to be introduced this way at every public appearance from now on.

  • https://twitter.com/teerhardy Teer Hardy

    Haters gonna hate. My favorite part is when you were asked about getting board approval for the app.

  • http://LostCodex.com DRT

    Can’t you hook it up to at least one religion that will allow me to ordain myself?

  • Nick Jackson

    I have no idea why she was so offended. I think the app is funny and gets people talking, like you said Tony. I have no idea what she is so offended, like at all. I’m not upset by that. It doesn’t bother me that she’s offended. She probably has a very legitimate reason, but from that interview I am so confused and do not have a clue why she was so offended.

  • Evelyn

    OMG. She was SO offended. Especially at the end of the interview when she totally lost it. Wow.

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