If Zombies Were Allowed in Christian Publishing

A list from Ben Howard at On Pop Theology, including these favs:

Zombie Love Wins – It doesn’t matter if there’s a hell if we can love each other as the undead.

Blue Like Zombies – A man comes to terms with his faith, his faults, all amidst the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse. Since, it’s based in the Pacific Northwest, I feel like this is vampire territory. The Cullen family needs to show these zombies what’s up.

How (Not) to Speak of Zombies – When we reject the zombies, the zombies surround us and become us, but when we learn to accept the zombies as the other, then they no longer know where to find us.

Read the rest of the list HERE.

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  • For what it’s worth, I’m reasonably confident that there are zombies already present in Christian publishing.

  • Thanks for posting this Tony!

    Dave, I can tell you there was originally a joke begging Zondervan not to publish these titles in the first draft. 🙂

  • Wait, Dead Man Walking isn’t about zombies?

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