Will Prayer Save America?

Since I’m writing a book on prayer, I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject. So has Texas pastor Rick Scarborough. The pastor-genius behind the Rick Perry prayer rally “The Response:” has now launched a 40-day prayer-fast to save America. It starts this Friday and runs, coincidentally, until election day.

Over to you, Stephen,

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  • A Medrano

    Ugh. Are you freakin kidding me?

  • Alan K

    Probably a good idea given America’s pandemic obesity.

  • Frank

    We never pray enough so the more prayer the better!

  • Tom Estes


    Do you think prayer will save America?

  • I’m laughing because it’s a blatant marketing gimmick. Even more basic than that, it’s just a commercial gimmick with a political edge (including links to register to vote). These people don’t care about prayer. They’re looking for money. Just look at the home page of their website (here).

    They’ve got a visible link button called “Action” toward the middle of the homepage. Clicking on it brings you to what is really a merchandising page where they’re selling (“or a nominal cost”) DVDs and other materials. It’s all part of their “1-2-3” commitment to action program.

    And their video ad is the perfect draw to their broad target audience: intensely anti-secular, Bible-believing evangelicals in their early 40’s and upward who are especially motivated by appeals to emotion. And who are Republican. And who are likely to donate money when emotionally driven by religious impulse.

    The narrow target is pastors of the same ilk who will disseminate the appeal to their congregants. No doubt some congregations will do a second round of passing the donation plate so as to bring in donations specifically for this prayer appeal.

    And of course, Tony Perkins is on the Board of Governors of this prayer effort.

    So no, Tony. This prayer appeal will not save America. It’s nothing but political opportunism riding on religious emotionalism in order to garner a buck from un-thinking “believers.” It’s commercialism. Nothing more.

  • Scot Miller

    Of course prayer works. Look what happened to the presidential bid of Rick Perry after he held his prayer meeting in Houston…. Now if only the same people would continue to pray for Mitt Romney… er, I mean, America….

  • andrew

    Did anyone watch the rest of the episode? Interview with Jim Holt?

    Great quote. “God may exist. If he does he is 100% malicious and 80% effective”

    • Yeah, that was a great interview. I think I’ll read that book.

  • The Burner

    So many great quotes in there.

  • Kyle

    I believe in prayer, and I believe prayer changes things. I don’t, however, believe prayer will “save America”.

    • Dave

      Please name one instance in which it can be proven that prayer did anything.