When Jesus Returns, TBN Will Be There

Trinity Broadcasting Network co-founder Paul Crouch, center, his son Matt Crouch, right, and Singapore evangelist Joseph Prince tape a prayer broadcast on the terrace of TBN’s new Jerusalem studio. (Edmund Sanders, Los Angeles Times / October 1, 2012)

Daystar and TBN, the two biggest “Christian” TV networks, own adjoining buildings in Jerusalem. They’re being round-the-clock coverage of Jesus’ impending return to Mt. Zion:

By Edmund Sanders, Los Angeles Times

October 1, 2012

JERUSALEM — If the Messiah descends from the Mount of Olives as foretold in the Bible, America’s two biggest Christian broadcasters are well-positioned to cover it live thanks to recent acquisitions of adjacent Jerusalem studios on a hill overlooking the Old City.

Texas-based Daystar Television Network already beams a 24-hour-a-day live webcam from its terrace. Not to be outdone, Costa Mesa-based Trinity Broadcasting Network last month bought the building next door.

The dueling studios are part of an aggressive push by U.S. evangelical broadcasters seeking to gain a stronger foothold in the holy city. Their presence not only offers boasting rights with American viewers and contributors, but also — and more controversially — a platform for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to Jews in Israel.

read the rest: Daystar, TBN ready for Messiah in Jerusalem – latimes.com.

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  • Tree

    Enjoy the ensuing violence, broadcasters. 😛

  • Brian P.

    At some point it might register…

    What the frig are we doing here?

    Alternatively the gimmick will simply not live past its novelty and commercial viability.

  • Craig

    I can picture Jesus swinging down there to demonstrate his creds as a rightwing fundamentalist preacher. The first thing he’ll do is criticize Obama’s failure to follow Netanyahu into war with Iran. I’ll be cut to the heart.

  • will jesus’ PR team send a press release so we can know when ahead of time? i may need to dvr it if the broadcast conflicts with dexter or breaking bad.

  • Moulder

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad… What a waste of time and money…