Write an Election Limerick, Win a T-Shirt

The good people at WhoopTee.com have designed a t-shirt for Theoblogy readers, and I’ve got five to give away. Write a limerick about last night’s election in the comment section below. I’ll choose five winners on Monday. You could win this!!!

UPDATE: Limericks dealing with proctology also accepted.

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  • Patrick S

    There once was a man from Chicagah.
    Whose words made the world go a-gaga.
    But his deeds were improper
    And we’ll all end up paupers
    With no freedom, no money, no nada.

  • I usually don’t vote for the DNC
    Because they mess with OPP
    But, for Obama I voted
    Romney got moded
    Now on to fix the country should we

    (I hang my head in shame because I am actually going to put this up)

    • For some reason I had 80’s & 90’s references in my head.

  • Joe

    An apologetic pragmatist reflects on the election:

    I went with Obama, he’s fine
    Though with my views he doesn’t align
    Stop this damn war
    Take care of the poor
    Really, I should have voted for Stein

  • Now that they’ve legalized pot
    and Obama got what he sought
    Congress’ll get high
    Donald Trump will die
    While Mitt sails away on his yacht

  • Susan

    The voting is over at last
    Campaigning a thing of the past
    Oh, who am I kidding?
    From where I am sitting
    This day sounds just like the last.


    I take a deep breath and sigh
    I voted for the wrong guy
    He came out a winner
    But I’m a big a sinner
    They heard it from on high.

    • Susan

      Strike the second “a” in the fourth line:0/

  • Which theological sub-culture is going to protest this because of the emphasis on proctology?

  • Evelyn

    There once was a man named Tony
    Who said things that made him sound phony
    The results of an election
    Gave him an erection
    So he went off to find someone pushing pony.

  • Evelyn

    Obama won the election
    In spite of Mitt’s erection
    So republicans called on Boehner,
    “Lead us our man
    To the back of Romney’s van
    Where any wife of one man is no loner.”

  • Evelyn

    Clint spoke to a chair
    As if POTUS was there
    And said he was as bad as Biden.
    It wasn’t very fair
    To talk to the air
    And ask that our presidency whiten.

  • Evelyn

    There once was a man who’ll remain nameless
    Who probed the ecclesial anus
    To a doctor’s he compared
    His profession which bared
    The devotions that bless us and bane us.

  • About the election…

    Can either candidate please our Creator?
    Kicking the can of our debt until later?
    What does it take?
    A candidate to make?
    Haven’t seen a good one since Ralph Nader 🙂

    About ecclesial-proctology…it’s a new sub-specialty..

    Dr. Jones practices at Theoblogy,
    His specialty? Ecclesial proctology,
    He prods and he pushes,
    Ideological tushes,
    Expanding the church’s ontology

    He speaks with conviction and might,
    About the church and all that’s not right,
    How does he do it?
    With a probe – you’ll live through it!
    Ecclesio-blogicologist bringing issues to light.

    Is there a doctor in the house of God?
    Who can colorectal the church’s bod?
    And cure constipation,
    With theological exploration,
    And words strong as a lightening rod.

    Writing without a hint of deflection,
    In support of gay rights through election,
    He’s laid out a vision,
    Man on Emergent-y mission,
    To improve the church’s reflection

  • Tony, have you announced the winners of this limerick contest yet? These have been such fun. Great idea. Also, I’ve been really enjoying your ‘Questions that Haunt’ posts lately. Esp the recent war-like God one. Thanks.

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