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Dwight Friesen interviews Yours Truly

I had the great pleasure of visiting The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology last week. It was my first time there, and I was very impressed — with everything from the beauty of the urban setting to the innovative ways that students learn. The fact that their very first class is in hermeneutics is a brilliant choice.

I sat down for an interview with long-time friend and SST theology professor Dwight Friesen, in front of a group of students. We talked about the election, the atonement, and the future of theological education.

Then Dwight played a dirty trick on me.

For years I hosted the Emergent Theological Conversation. I had a bit in those gatherings that I adapted from James Lipton, in which I’d ask our guest theologian or philosopher to play a word association with names in rapid-fire. To this day, I regularly get thanked by people who listen back to Jack Caputo and Richard Kearney running through the history of philosophy, name-by-name (sadly, this episode seems no longer to be available on the iTunes Store. I will upload them to my site soon, and post the links).

Well, turnabout is fair play. Dwight ran me through the name game, dropping persons as diverse at Augustine and Rachel Held Evans.

If you want to hear my responses, listen to the podcast.

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  • Yeah I seem to remember you pulled that on Jurgen Moltmann here in Illinois a few years ago.

  • Nathan

    Gaaaaah! Tim and I shoulda pulled that on you at Dordt.

  • That conversation with Caputo and Kearney single handedly got me interested in philosophy, began me down the road that would shake me lose of campus crusade, made me declare a philosophy major, and lead me to Union Theological Seminary, and hopefully doctoral work later. So thanks. I guess ; )

    • So, in other words Bo, it completely ruined your life?

      • I didn’t want to say it… at least Crusade staff positions are paid!

  • Nathan

    “Brilliantly deceptive?”

  • Tony,
    I have the audio of those Caputo/Kearney sessions indexed on my site:

    (Lectures #21-24

  • Kelly

    Fun interview!

  • Scot Miller

    You should have said the C.S. Lewis is the Christian version of Ayn Rand….

    • Scot Miller

      I also wish someone had corrected my pronunciation of Kearney. Very embarrassing.

    • I think I’ve heard that idea somewhere before…

  • Tony,
    Nice job with the interview—just did a lecture at a preaching conference: the future isn’t what it used to be or why c.s. lewis can’t help you