Beautiful Children

Out of respect for the families in Connecticut, I will delay the posting of this week’s answer to Questions That Haunt until tomorrow.

Instead of debating on blogs today, let’s all hug our loved ones.

And if you have any firearms in your possession, immediately unload them, and secure them with trigger locks and in gun cases.

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  • In my opinion, this is a text book example of what commentators, bloggers, journalists, etc., should do on days like today.

    Stop, be silent, be respectful, and lower our egos.

    You did good (not that you needed a pat on the back).

  • Lock Ledger

    We at least know that the Christian children will be brought back from the dead. Made whole, and full of life again once more.

    • Our heavenly Father will provide a better place for ALL of those twenty children.

      • Theological discussion is the flavor of this blog. I don’t think the Bible teaches the immortality of the soul.

        Christians do not have to grieve like others. I was glad to see the gatherings in the church. It is still a sanctuary of the community it looks like. A place of comfort even for others.

    • Dude, do NOT use this tragedy to score theological points. Not on this blog.

      • Tony, I shouldn’t have engaged this guy. Will you please delete my comment?

  • A friend walked into my house, took off her coat, and started to cry, saying that she is feeling upset and this is what she does when she’s upset, and needed to be with friends to talk and eat. It was the most beautifully human thing I could imagine seeing on a grim day.

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