There Once Was a Theological Limerick…

The limericks about theologians that were proffered a couple weeks back were nothing short of AMAZING! Below are the three winners of the Theologian Trading Cards, with signed copies. But there’s a consolation prize, too, so read on…

The signed NT Wright card goes to Dave Burkum, with:

The Kingdom’s begun, Jesus stated,
And Tom Wright says we should celebrate it
As we work and we pray
Toward the Full Kingdom Day–
Eschatology inaugurated!

The Kevin Vanhoozer card goes to Dan Wilkinson:

To Schüssler Fiorenza women are indebted.
Before her they were largely uncredited.
She thoughtfully shared
And with boldness declared
A feminist theology intrepid!

And the The Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza card goes to Cow Gaels, who turned in so many awesome limericks that it’s hard to choose just one:

Said Wesley to Whitehead, “Enough
of this predestinational stuff!
Though you cry, ‘inconvenient!’
God’s grace is prevenient.
As I strive, I am calling your bluff.”

There are so many other good ones that I implore you to go back to the post and read them. By far our best limerick context yet. Thanks so much to all who contributed.

If you submitted a limerick but didn’t win, you’re not going away empty-handed. You get a copy of  Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy — just fill out the form here, and a book will be shipped out to you!

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  • Dan Wilkinson

    Thanks! Tough competition with so many awesome entries…

  • Lock Ledger

    I would be interested to know if you like NT Wright. When I read NT I don’t see you liking the conclusions of his work. Him and Piper get into debates, but for all purposes I don’t see you liking NT’s theology. I do see you not knowing what he actually says.

    • Ric Shewell

      That was trollish.

      • Lock

        You progressives are the smart ones, I guess you want the smack talk to only go one way, so tell me why the comment was trollish?

        • Ric Shewell

          I doubt other people around here like Rob or R Jay would call me progressive, but yeah, I guess I like to think I am.

          “I do see you not knowing what he actually says,” was trollish. Tony has commended Wright for his work, and has professed a great deal of hope in the understanding of creation and resurrection presented in the Resurrection of the Son of God. I don’t care to look up and paste the links here. But I will paste a link to an interview Tony recently posted where he was asked about Wright’s work:

          To accuse someone of ignorance even though you haven’t done due diligence is, well, trollish…

          • Lock

            I can’t make it through this interview. Not because of the beliefs but because there is to much kiss assing going on. “Oh my god CS Lewis is SOO 20th Century. Oh, my, God you are Sooo right about CSLewis… I Sooo totally hunt ducks,.. Oh my god you soo totally hunt?”
            I feel like I am being water tortured while trying to find the 5 second sound bite by NT Wright. Which I really want to hear.

            • Ric Shewell

              You don’t find your comments trollish?

              The least you could do is search “Wright” on this blog and read that stuff. Anyway, due diligence before you start claiming people are ignorant.

              • Lock

                What is worse, being a troll in the comments or being a troll to American Christianity through your web site? The hate coming out of progressive blogs is like a troll farting in your face.

                Curse this ipad spelling auto correction! Uuuugh!

            • Tony Jones

              Lock, please go away.

              • Lock

                The same to you Tony. If you disagree with other Christians, then be honest in your debate. Stop being ugly to people. Then I will do likewise. You are the spiritual sage here, are you not?

  • Mainecelt

    Thanks… this contest was the intellectual equivalent of a friend calling up and saying, “Hey, wanna go for a run?” In other words, I loved the exercise–and the great company!

    Blessings to all the other entrants!

  • Lock

    I commend Tony on how open and engaging he is on his comment section. I do see faults material published about those on the Right. I would very much like to see a less theo-political propaganda angle about people, Tony has a strong enough mind where he can do that if he wants. This is why my request is to hear more spiritual thinking in the posts. Few have suffered more from jackass behavior on the Right than myself. But I have gotten it from the Left too. But I find that NTW’s work to be dead on and refreshing. I don’t see Tony at this point in time agreeing with NTW’s fundamentals.

  • Pete

    Next limerick contest: John Piper Theology

    • Jeremy

      There is a kooky guy named Piper
      His theology is that of a viper
      He bites your hand
      and pretends its grand
      His theology smells of used diaper