Finding God in Chaos

Giles Fraser tried to find God when a helicopter crashed in London last week:

It is often said critically of religion that it seeks to impose meaning on meaninglessness, that it is a sort of anxiety reduction strategy in the face of the general randomness of things. This is not the religion I know. What I see in church is a place that is remarkably accommodating to confusion and doubt. A place where people bring their not knowing what to do. They sit and light a candle or say a prayer, not fully understanding what this really means or expecting some instrumental purpose. “I don’t believe in organised religion,” people often say. That makes me laugh. All religion is intrinsically disorganised. Forever perched over chaos.

via The London helicopter crash site, where no meaning can be found | Giles Fraser | Comment is free | The Guardian.

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  • Lisa Mamula

    Excellent share, Tony.

    “And no, I am not implying that God is the ready-made answer. For me, God is the question. A question that will not leave me alone.” This quote might just get me through church this morning.

  • Brian P.
  • EricG

    I wish there were more churches like the one he describes. I’ve met a lot of people for whom religion is anxiety management.