My (Second) Favorite Rabbi

The Jewish Journal has a story about my friend and rabbi Sharon Brous*:

Rabbi Sharon Brous

The first thing Rabbi Brous brings to the table that some rabbis do not is a clarity of vision. She sees Judaism as it has been practiced in the recent past, and she sees where it could go. Her vision includes the desire to create a sense of surprise, to foster innovation, and to create a sense of connection to God and to others in the community.

Not only does she have this vision, but she is able to communicate it to others in a way that is convincing and easy to understand.

But she doesn’t just talk about this vision. Rabbi Brous has been able to bring these ideas to fruition by founding Ikar, which says on its website that it is “a religious approach that fuses piety and hutzpah, obligation and inspiration, tradition and soul.” In other words, she isn’t just writing and speaking about what needs to be done to reinvigorate Jewish life; she is taking it to the next level by putting her ideas into practice in the real world.

via What’s So Special About Rabbi Sharon Brous? | Jewish Journal.

(My favorite rabbi)

*Sharon was among a group of “emer-Jews” with whom I and others met several years ago. I’m glad to say that we’ve stayed in touch, and we’re hoping to announce a joint project soon.

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  • Judaism is been misunderstood today because it true meaning and concept is lost some people just give any kind of definition they desire.Certain terms must be redefine again in it true context.