#RickWarrenTips Explained

Look, Rick Warren stopped following me on Twitter long ago. So I stopped following him right back. Nevertheless, some people I follow occasionally retweet his pithy, axiomatic Christian tweets. He seems to be a Twitter proverb generator.

So, here’s something he posted recently:

And now, he’s a meme.

Just scroll though his tweets to see him dispensing similar advice. It’s (unintentionally) hilarious.

But the meme is even funnier. See the new Twitter account @cantexplainhere here and click on Favorites for the keys tweets.

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  • Nothing says “Christian” like leveraging tax exempt statues to realize huge profits in the future.

    I wonder if Warren includes the social services that will be unfunded, because property is taken off of the tax roles, in his calculation? Or is church wealth his only goal?

  • Scott Freeman

    Stephanie Drury, who started this, absolutely rocks!

    • Ryan Robinson

      It seems like Stephanie is behind every single good Christian meme on Twitter.

  • I started seeing those #RickWarrenTips, but had no idea what they were referring to. They are hilarious.

  • Thanks for explaining Steph Drury’s genius.

  • I think Adam Moore started it, but I could be wrong.

    • Several people noted Warren’s tweet yesterday, including Adam and Stephanie. Adam started the hashtag. And @cantexplainhere is anonymous, of course, so we don’t know who’s behind it.

    • I started the hashtag. Inspired by Andy Meisenheimer. I do not know who is behind @cantexplainhere.

  • Nathan

    omg. I just read the meme thread. laughing out loud. woke up my napping 9 month old nephew. i just died. D.I.E.D. died.

    and T, you are a freaking genius: “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again. Can’t explain all the reasons here. #RickWarrenTips”

    “Funny” doesn’t even begin to capture it.

  • So we’re good making fun of Rick Warren, but not saying anything negative about Rob Bell, right? Just checking which Christian leaders for whom it’s OK to slam. It’s hard to keep it all straight.

    • You obviously haven’t read my posts about Rob.

  • loafingcactus Mary

    The meme doesn’t seem something to celebrate. Nice blog, James!

  • Rob

    I must be too old or too young or too dumb… All I know is that Rick Warren has done more for the kingdom than most of us could ever imagine. Also, I like how you unfollowed him after he unfollowed you. Brings back junior high memories.

  • So funny…

  • e. sutter

    Tony, in the past I’ve appreciated much you’ve written and blogged about, and it’s been quite a while since I last read your blog; I’m disappointed that the first thing I discovered was completely unconstructive mockery.

  • Rhett

    Are you going to throw a hissy fit when Rick Warren doesn’t invite you to his next conference, Tony?

  • Johnny

    Warren is posting his own self-deprecating #RickWarrenTips now, so it’s all good.

  • It’s worked for 2,000 years for the Catholic Church. Can’t explain 2000 years of real estate profits here.

    • It is a tried-and-true wealth creation technique for the LDS church and Church of Scientology as well. If we can learn wealth management techniques from other religions, just think what else they have to teach us!

  • Sally

    Just YES.

  • The upside? Rick Warren jumped in himself and started to tweet with that hashtag. Perhaps we’ll celebrate that?

    The downside? For every tweet or blog post that slams a minister, we water down the potential of ministry. The more we make someone a caricature, the less we have to pay attention to anything they’d offer our own character.

  • Nathan

    omigosh. everyone get the pole out of your asses and get a sense of humor. for heaven’s sake, even Rick Warren got in on the fun. He obviously has his big boy pants on and can take some good natured ribbing that comes with being a public figure.

    If you think this is malicious and fraught with sinister motives, go be Amish.

  • Jared

    How funny. Another self-proclaimed theologian who can’t draw an attendance into a church, so instead he starts a blog bashing other Christians Leaders. I feel bad for Tony lol.

  • JD90

    “Rick Warren stopped following me on Twitter”

    Isn’t Rick Warren the guy that suggested Twitter “following” was an endorsement of who you are “following”.

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  • toddh

    Yeah, I’m with Nathan. Lighten up and get a sense of humor people.

    • Kyle

      I think it’s funny….and mostly harmless.

      But the fact that RW jumped in doesn’t mean poking fun at him is warranted (or should I say “warren-ted”), it just means he’s smart enough to be a good sport. Sorta like how I jump in and laugh along with and even contribute to the “short people” jokes levied at me.

      And, It’s always easy to encourage people to lighten up and get a sense of humor when we aren’t the ones being poked at.

      “Hey all you gay and black people…all you women….all you fat people…..lighten up and get a sense of humor would you. Obviously our little jabs are just good clean fun.”

      Said by a white, straight, fit guy.

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  • nathan

    apples and oranges. if warren was getting piled on for his weight then youd have a point. and i be right with you. but ribbing him about his tweets isnt crapping on him.

    • Kyle

      I don’t think it’s apples and oranges….I think it’s shitty and crappy. Piling on over his weight would be shitty. “Ribbing” a guy (who most people doing the ribbing dislike, btw) over his tweets is crappy.

      Friends “rib” each other.
      Adversaries “rip” each other and try to say it’s the same thing.

      • Nathan

        Rick Warren isn’t some off limits hierophant. He’s leveraged his public image by his own choice. He is fair game and this isn’t crappy. Like I said earlier, he has his big boy pants on and can laugh at himself. If anything, his stock just went up in my book and I’m not some big fan of his in the first place.

        I think we’re just a really weak, overly sensitive culture if we can’t distinguish between bashing people and benign joking around.

        • Kyle

          Nathan, I’m actually with you on this….we are far too sensitive. I’m mostly arguing that benign joking around often has its roots in a dislike for the subject. Lets at least be honest on this blog and admit that is the case here. Which would make our motives less innocent and benign. not being willing to admit that is also weak.

          • Nathan

            I hear what you’re saying. I just don’t know if I can waste my time with concern about the internal motives of others that I can’t really access or know if the actual content of the humor isn’t malicious on its face.

            • Kyle

              “I just don’t know if I can waste my time with concern about the internal motives of others…”

              Amen to that. And because I tend to be a bit of a Warren fan, I likely read too much into the motives behind the whole thing….which is mostly just good, clean fun.

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  • Andy

    “So I stopped following him right back.” And I’ll bet Warren spent a sleepless night as a result… Bloggers are often full of themselves, but Tony sets a new standard for narcissism.

    • nathan

      Yes…because that’s the implication of Tony unfollowing Warren–that he hoped Warren would be bothered. sheesh.

      Warren and his ilk are the ones who “make a point” with their following/unfollowing and passive aggressive tweets about people without naming them directly. Talk about self-importance and narcissism, not to mention immaturity.

      Look, you’ve made it clear elsewhere on this blog you don’t like Tony’s perspective on most things, but personal analysis from afar…Good Lord, you would’ve fit right in during the “Where are the women?” kerfuffle turned digital tantrum/lynching/junior high slumber party pillory.

      • Andy

        Touchy, touchy Nathan! I would think you’d be familiar and comfortable with a little sarcasm if you frequent this blog. And yes, I thought it worthwhile pointing out what I perceived to be Tony’s self-importance. Aren’t all our comments personal analysis? Aren’t yours?

        • nathan

          Nope. I can’t make category judgements about who a person is from these forums…

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