Talking Atonement on TV – This Morning! Tune in Live!

The hosts of The Harvest Show

Hello form South Bend, Indiana, from which I’ll be broadcasted live across the globe this morning on the LeSEA Broadcasting Network. I’ve been brought here by Drew Sumrall, co-host of the daily Harvest Show. The show goes on at 9am EST, and I’ll be on sometime after 9:15 to talk to Drew about my ebook, A Better Atonement.

You can watch The Harvest Show on Channel 367 on DirecTV, on any of the broadcast stations listed on the top of their site, or on their UStream Channel.

Tune in, and tell me how I did!

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  • Nice interview Tony. I admired your ability to put everything in straight forward terms. I love the line about never mentioning atonement again after the intro to the segment. I wish more people would drop the overt theological language and actually talk about their “thing.”

  • Chris

    Watched it. You did fine. A (at times) fair primer on the subject of Emergent and the atonement for those (and there are many) who had missed the whole (what is it now–12-15 yr) movement.

    My one problem with this kind of interview is that it is so dang friendly. No challenges, all softballs teed right up there. I don’t mean it has to be adversarial, but for goodness sake there ought to be some semblance of a view that challenges the guest. I’m thinking a Tim Russert type that would hold the feet of every side to the fire, but did it in a way that all who engaged with him still felt respected and treated fairly.

    A good one for you tho’. I can see why you did it.

  • Mich

    Tim Russert? The Slow Pitch King!

    It was a terrific interview Tony.