I Am Pope! #IAmPope

Pope Tony I

As of today, there’s no sitting pope. As the uber-Protestant,* I cheer this developement.

So let’s fill in the gap.

You can become the pope! Just download the OrdainThyself app on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Droid, choose “Catholic Pope,” take a picture of yourself (or your baby, cat, hamster, local barista), and post it! Tag your post on Twitter with the #IAmPope hashtag, and I’ll collect the images and share them here.

C’mon, let’s embrace the priesthood of all believers! Become the pope today!

*That’s a self-chosen title. I realize that I am the most Protestant person I’ve ever met, with all of the strengths and weaknesses that entails. Even my appreciation of Catholic and Orthodox liturgies and rituals does not disqualify me from being The Uber-Protestant!

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  • Kenton

    Ha! As a flip-side to your Über-Protestantism, my catholic co-workers call me the most catholic non-catholic they’ve ever known. (I once set them straight on what the immaculate conception was really all about. And it took appealing a verdict by both a catholic deacon, and a long time catechism teacher to a priest to do it.)