I Am Agnostic [Questions That Haunt]

This week’s question was:

 I’m trying to figure out why progressives hold to Christianity at all. Why not just be agnostic?

The short answer it: I am agnostic. Or better yet, ignostic.

But I’m not an agnostic.

The longer answer will have to wait until after vacation.

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  • Lol, tease!

  • I’m the fella that introduced you to the term “ignostic” in my email. I am a “progressive” Christian superstar!

  • Kristi O. Byrd

    Labels can be tricky. I’m agnostic but I choose to follow Jesus. Many would say then that I don’t deserve the label “Christian” because obviously I am not a “real” one. In return, I am frustrated sometimes by the unquestioning certainty I witness in others. If my religious label had to be marked like a Facebook relationship status, I would click on “It’s complicated.”

    • very well put Kristi…….ditto what she said 🙂

  • plectrophenax

    Yes, I am skeptical about most things, for example, I don’t think we can know if there is God or not, or what reality is. But I like Christianity. I don’t know if it’s true or not.

  • ME

    The definition of agnostic is important here. While it can have many meanings, these are the ones I take the label of agnostic to mean:

    “one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god”

    “a person who is unwilling to commit to an opinion about something.”

    Someone who is a follower or believer in Jesus doesn’t meet the definition of “agnostic” IMO, and I don’t think Kristi or Tony necessarily meat that definition.

    • I agree. I think we are just playing around with semantics, which seems to be a big hobby of the emergent church.

      If we use the loose definition of agnostic as “someone who does not know”, then all people of faith are agnostic, because, by definition, faith is required only when we don’t know something.

      But of course, that is what “agnostic” is generally understood to mean. “Agnostic” means not knowing, but also choosing to not follow anything unless it is known.

      A Christian is someone who does not know, but chooses to follow Christ nonetheless. An Agnostic is someone who does not know, and chooses to follow nothing unless it is knowable..

      Big difference.

      This whole atheist/agnostic vs Christian thing a false dichotomy. Following Christ is never a rational decision, so setting up the existence of God as a rational proposition misses the entire point of being Christian.

      • ME

        I agree!

  • Within the small community, of which I live, there is a predominantly conservative evangelical populace. I ask a lot of questions that often cause’s quite an upheaval. Because many have known me to be a zealous evangelical (long long ago) they are confused by the questions I know raise and often ask me if I am a Christian.
    To this I can only reply…

    ‘I am that of which I have been, that of which I am and that of which I am to become.’

    I don’t quite understand why anyone calls themselves “Christian” at all. Seem to me that If one were ‘christian’ they would never, ever refer to themselves as that. There should not ever be ‘Christians’. There should be you and there should be me. In fact not even Christ was a ‘Christian’. I can hardly imagine that Jesus wanted so many in history to be little carbon copies of him, like all the ‘Eminem’ wannabes that spawned shortly after Marshall Mathers shot up in fame.

    Be yourself for Christ’s sake and if one desire to follow Jesus’ teachings, great!, but do it being yourself. You are who you have been, are at present and shall become. To deny you is to destroy a very large work that Christ may do in and through you. If you love Jesus, Don’t be him, be you. For through you, what wonders will shall be born?

  • Was St. Paul not agnostic; judging by 1 Cor. 13:12?

  • Can’t really take the term agnostic, even though most days I consider myself uncertain about God. I believe in the historical Jesus though, and the claims He made. I believe he died and rose from the dead, etc. I believe He is God, and that He is the same God described through the rest of the bible. Am I certain? I don’t think anyone can be 100% certain. That’s as close to a coherent definition I’ve ever gotten…and even most of the bible still comes through the matrix of my interpretation, and that is indeed faulty at best. So in a sense, I think people need at least a safety net, some kind of hope, if not certainty. I HOPE Jesus is God. I HOPE the God of the Bible is real. I HOPE he loves me. I try to live by faith in that hope.

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