What If the Cross Set God Free?

I’m away from the blog this week, and I’ve asked my friends to fill in. This is a poem by my dear friend, Michael Toy.

wonderful plans

god loves you and
has a wonderful plan
for your life
it is helpful, when
saying that
to be illuminated
from above
or have just finished
transmuting wine

otherwise it just
sounds stupid
when one looks
at the many things
which are not wonderful

any salt worthy
theologian will have
a well rehearsed
interpretive dance
set to
the meter of
a world of pain
the melody of
a god of love

if it is not possible
to deviate from
the plan, then
this is all part
of the plan and i
no longer care
about plan or planner
no matter how
lovely the dance
interpreting it

if the plan
does not constrain
then the story goes
like this
childlike humanity
terrible twos of
curiosity and defiance
parental planner
warning, reminding,
correcting, insisting
and then a flood of anger
followed by a promise

which means the next
time, there is no flood,
the pain of watching
becomes unbearable and
eventually blossoms
into insanity
the new plan is

will show them
will show them all

you want death? i
can do that, death
is freedom
free at last
from planned promises
free at last to
say, wild-eyed,
loves you and if
he had a wonderful plan
for your life, this
would not be it

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  • Elvenfoot

    I can relate to this emotionally, but I also know that God’s plans are ultimately to bring us into a deeper relationship with Him, to make us holy. He also writes straight with crooked lines, meaning that he often takes us out of a path that seems right to us or that makes sense in order to achieve His purposes. I can attest to this in my own life, I think, having gone through hell and back but coming out stronger and more mature in the end and realizing that my dreams weren’t what God had in mind. For example, I wanted a career and to become “somebody,” but God led me down a far more humbling path–which in the end I can see is better for me spiritually and will make me happier in the long run. This is all that really matters in the end, but I have to be willing to accept it and submit to His will if His plan is to come to real fruition.

  • Brenda

    Excellent poem! Thanks for sharing your heart in such a poignant way. (:

    Quick question though about the poem’s title ~~ what could God Almighty possibly need to be set free from? He Is, after all, the One and Only Self-Existent One.
    – OR – maybe you mean that The Cross sets God free to love us? In that case the title makes sense. Thanks again for sharing a bit of yourself. ~Brenda

  • “you want death? i
    can do that, death
    is freedom
    free at last
    from planned promises
    free at last to
    say, wild-eyed,
    loves you and if
    he had a wonderful plan
    for your life, this
    would not be it”

    Who’s death are we talking about here? The individual’s death? Jesus’ death?

    Why do so many people blame god for their lives when it doesn’t go the way they ‘want’?
    “….if he had a wonderful plan for your life, this would not be it”….Really???

    What if his plan was to give you free will and his plan was to let you live life the way you choose? Then his plan is actually in action isn’t it?

    And whats up with death being the only way to be ‘free at last”? Sounds kind of depressing if you ask me. It reminds me of something that would get written in a suicide note, remember when Kurt Cobain wrote, “I’ve become hateful towards all humans in general” right before he killed himself?

    Why do so many disgruntled Christians have to focus on the negative elements of life?

    That is what this poem felt to me; it felt like someone who grew up Christian (or hardcore religious of some variety) and they became too focused on the bad things in life, the disappointments, the plan’s gone awry.

    I don’t have a problem with acknowledging the bad, but at the end of the day I want to lift my eyes up toward the mountains, towards the oceans & lakes, and towards the beautiful things and find a sense of joy and contentment.


  • Brian P.

    Tip: Enjoy myths, narratives, stories, and rituals to the fullest extent possible. Let them transform you through change of heart. And let them transform reality through a change in perspective that comes from that change in heart and a change in action that also derives from that change in heart. Don’t think that “God’s plan for your life” is separate from this voyage of inner transformation.