Does Prayer Work? [VIDEO]

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  • Around 5:10-5:30, the interview makes it sound like you oppose corporate prayer at church. Perhaps that’s a misunderstanding?

    • I had the same notion. Jesus instructed them not to pray in public “in order to be seen by others,” as perhaps, “look at me, I’m super spiritual,” or something to that effect.

      • vgiordano

        But Jesus did, according to the gospels, pray in public.

        • baronsabato

          Can you give an example?

  • Wow, did I appreciate that ten-minute dialogue, especially the highlighting of Jesus asking His Father why He is being silent. But I also appreciated the point of people praying for parking spaces at the mall while other people throughout the world are suffering terribly: hunger, persecution, beatings, etc. I’m looking forward to this project!

  • vgiordano

    Sorry if someone has asked this before, but what’s up with the strange outfits in these interviews?

    • baronsabato

      What’s strange about their outfits? They look like typical hipster Christians to me…