Jan Crouch’s Hair Is Turning Heads

At Slacktivist, Fred shows that TBN is doing some fuzzy math when counting their conversions over the years:

Let’s do the arithmetic here: 36 million conversions in 40 years comes out to 75,000 per month. So either February was a horrifically slow month for TBN — with 74,150 fewer conversions than usual. Or else February was pretty typical, and the truth is that it will take TBN more than 3,000 years* to reach 36 million conversions at its current pace.

Something seems like it doesn’t add up.

The major fudge factor in TBN’s numbers is the customary weasel wording used by almost every “evangelistic ministry” that tallies and touts its soterian statistics. TBN’s claim wasn’t actually 850 “conversions” in February, but rather 850 people who came to “salvation or to renew their commitments to Christ.” In theory, then, this could all be one guy, calling in to TBN 850 times in February to constantly “renew his commitment to Christ.”

via Trinity Broadcasting celebrates 3,249 years of evangelistic success.

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  • mhelbert

    OMG!! Where did she buy that hair!!!

  • 2TrakMind

    Yama hama! Fright night! ~Cosmo Kramer

  • You tricked me. I expected an article on Jan’s hair and I got maths instead.

  • RodSerlingsGhost

    Okay, I’ll supply the hair.

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