Five Year Anniversary of the Church Basement Roadshow

Five years ago, three cray cray dudes spent the summer on the road, barnstorming 32 cities in a biofueled RV.

Did you attend the Church Basement Roadshow? Got any memories to share?

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  • JoeyS

    I really liked the Kingdom of God Revealed song. I saw you guys in Michigan and then again at NYWC.

  • Saw y’all in the ATL — the venue was awesome, and the show was too much fun.

  • Ian Eastman

    Remember it? I still have my miracle healing oil sitting on my shelf at work! That little bottle has inspired some priceless double takes from co-workers over the years. On a more serious note, my family attended Pittsburgh a few days after my wife was unexpectedly let go of her position at church because of financial issues. It was a hard time for all of us, but especially our ten-year old son who was having a hard time processing the loss of a community he loved. We arrived very early to the roadshow and helped set up. Tony invited my son up on stage to help him do the soundcheck and even let him try out his mandolin. You didn’t know what he was going through, but this kindness and attention meant a great deal to him that night. Thanks again.

  • I believe that was the first time I rocked your corn hole.

  • Tom Fodi

    When’s the next one???

  • A friend and I traveled to Grand Rapids from Ontario. The show was fantastic, and even better was the chance to meet so many folks on similar journeys during the show and afterward at the home of Randy Buist.

    We were tenting at a local campsite in a rainy evening. After the evening at the Buists’ (which included more stories from Doug and Mark, and listening to Tony rant for half an hour about how America is not – strictly speaking – an Empire), Randy invited us to come over for a hot breakfast the next morning and the Kin-dom of God continued to reign supreme with good food and great conversation.

    Thanks for the encouragement and imagination that you all provided through this adventurous undertaking.

  • Simon

    Solomon’s Porch. 108 degrees. No AC. Jesus fans, holding Jesus fans (sponsored by some Methodist seminary, if I recall). Still have my TNIV without chapter and verse that were handed out that day. First time I ever recall the elevated portion of sanctuary being used for its original purpose. And by original purpose, I mean revival stage, of course.

  • From the Emergent Village archives – re-live the entire Roadshow, all 2 hours of it!

  • Troy Bronsink

    Yes it was a crisp breezy Atlanta afternoon as I recall:) I remember Dan Ra with a bathtub of beers, Melvin Bray in a straw hat, Daley’s masterful camera, an NPR reporter who wanted to ask me about my journey from Liberty University to Obamamania… and an Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter, Chris Quinn, who said afterwards, “I have no idea what that just was!” Oh and I think we did your laundry.