Christians Loving Witches

That’s what Pastor Phil Wyman and his small congregation have been trying to do for years in Salem, Massachusetts. I’ve been to his church, The Gathering. It’s right on main street, surrounded by New Age shops, palm readers, and other storefronts with pagan and occult paraphernalia. The Gathering meets in The Vault, a former bank on that street.

Phil is out there. In fact, he’s so out there that he was kicked out of the Four Square, a pretty out-there denomination. But he has persisted, participating in Halloween and other pagan festivals in Salem, and also going to Burning Man and Rainbow Gatherings with a Christian witness.

Now The Gathering is in trouble. They need to raise $50,000 right away to stay in their building and maintain that witness in Salem. You can donate here, and you can see their video request below:

  • Phil Wyman

    In the first day of our fundraiser Pagans and Atheists out-gave the Christians. It is moments like this that I realize that our mission has been more effective than I knew.

    My mind has been blown by the outpouring of support from those who are not part of our own tribe. But, after a few days, those Christians who “get it” started responding.

    Maybe there is even hope for the church. ;-)

  • TheodoreSeeber
    • Phil Wyman

      really? better know who you are pointing at before you point.

      • TheodoreSeeber

        It’s as much a jibe at Tony Jones as it is at Phil Wyman and any other postmodernist, even if Kevin’s original inspiration was Cafeteria Catholic Charismatic CCD classes. Or as Atheist Granny says in the most recent episode of the Stanford Nutting series “Cafeteria Catholic? Stanford, you ain’t even a Frozen TV Dinner Catholic!”