The Worst Creationism Museum EVER (yes, that’s redundant)

Vice blogger Jamie Taete, usually more known for raunchy stories about things like Corey Feldman’s birthday party, somehow found himself in the Creation and Earth History Museum in San Diego.

What he found was mainly walls filled with writing, plus more written materials for you to take home…

…and some indecipherable statements by the museum’s founder…

…all leading him to this list about the message of the museum:

– God created the universe in seven days.

– There was no bad stuff in the world until that dick, Adam, ate an apple.

– Noah’s ark was real, and it’s stuck on top of Mount Ararat… but nobody can find it.

– Dinosaurs died in the Great Flood.

– The Grand Canyon proves that the flood happened.

– Scientists are dumb hypocrites because over the course of global history (all 6,000 years of it), they have had differing opinions on things.

– Carbon dating is bullshit.

– Races and different languages are the result of everyone running away from the Tower of Babel.

– Bats and a couple of other animals have no evidence of evolution in the fossil record, and this proves that intelligent design happened. (Not sure what the bajillions of other fossils prove, though.)

– Darwin was a douche.

– God stuff.

Inexplicably, he also found this:

The post is worth reading, either for a laugh, or to be sucked into a morbid depression. Plus, there are lots more pictures.

HT: Bethany Stolle (who I’m sure wasn’t reading Vice at work)

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  • Scott Paeth

    How long must fundamentalist Christians insist on making Christianity seem stupid?

    • Apparently until they have run everyone off.

    • Curtis

      I kinda think fundamentalist Christians are God’s plan to bring back other world religions that were violently wiped out by Christians over the past 500 years. With enough fundamentalists around, people will start digging through there notes to find alternatives. I just learned about Ifá, the traditional spiritual practice of west Africa, which sounds kind of cool and is apparently surging in popularity right now. Maybe fundamentalists are pay-back for the crusades, the conquistadors, the slave trade, and European westward expansion that tried to wipe out so many other religions.

  • Lee Pendarvis

    Uh, it was that bitch, Eve, not that dick, Adam who ate the fruit first dude. Let’s not lose sight of that.

  • You can’t make a cake by blowing up a cake mix and a container of milk with dynamite, so it follows that there was no big bang. The inescapable conclusion is that Creation “science” is right and all those egg head scientist are wrong. Brilliant.

    • Scott Paeth

      Of course not. You clearly need eggs too.

  • Sooooo, I have actually been here (about 11 yrs ago). Next time your in San Diego (Santee) I highly recommend you check it out. One must see with one’s own eyes how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  • Mark Kirschieper

    Theistic evolution is compatible, with the creation story of Adam and Eve. There is no need to dismiss either the natural sciences, or theology. They can be harmonized, and can elegantly compliment each other, to add so much more understanding, to the entire process.

  • Nicholas

    Let me guess, “Noah rounded up 2 Tyrannosaurus’ and placed them next to the 2 Brontosaurus that were towards the front of the boat.”