Oprah Loves Her Some Rob Bell

I’ve heard this was coming for a while, and now it’s here. Oprah has picked Rob Bell‘s latest book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, as the first book in her new “Super Soulful Book of the Month Club.” Here’s what Oprah says about Rob:

From what I’ve heard, Oprah and Rob have spent time together recently, so we may be seeing some collaborative projects from them in the future…

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  • CurtisMSP

    Here’s a question I’ve been pondering lately: Oprah talks about spending our everyday lives “more connected to the spirit”. What spirit does she mean, Holy Spirit or human spirit? Is there a difference?

    • Muzi Cindi

      Does it really matter to you Curtis? Is the a separation between the human spirit and God’s breath?

      • CurtisMSP

        Does God’s breath exist beyond the human spirit? Or, is God limited to and bound by the human spirit?

        The difference is our posture toward God. Do we build our life confident that all things are knowable, humans are just not done knowing things yet — the human spirit? Or do we build our life with the posture that there are some things that are unknown and will always be unknowable — a God spirit which includes but goes beyond the boundaries of human spirit?

        • Muzi Cindi

          I’ve ‘religiously’ followed Oprah; She always talks of the spirit of LOVE. I never question if it’s the Holy Spirit or human spirit. LOVE is enough for me; It is beyond theology and transcends any dogma.

          • CurtisMSP

            I agree. But who, or what, is in control? Where does agency exist? Do humans have ultimate control, or is there a point at which we are powerless? It is not about dogma, it is about our posture toward our surroundings.

            • Muzi Cindi

              It’s a bit difficult to respond without understanding your take on Universal Spirituality. This has been my path for the past seven years and I have found it very fulfilling. I’m not surprised that Rob Bell is joining the likes of Oprah to pursue God beyond Traditional Theology. It’s just long overdue.

              • ESTESMAN

                Bell is a leader in things spiritual. I can assure you Oprah picked his book, he didn’t pick Oprah’s show. He is not joining a universal spirituality movement, he is posing a question about God, the one true God.

                • CurtisMSP

                  If something is “one” and “true”, then isn’t it, by definition, “universal”?

                  • ESTESMAN

                    CurtisMSP, this is semantic drivel. Universalism is a belief, that all raods lead to God or the spiritual Godhead. Bell does not actually believe that. He does however believe that Jesus and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses is the ONE TRUE GOD. I have read your other post and find it interesting that you think writing books on the subject of spirituality is futile, yet you make comments on post about spirituality trying to define it???? i think you may be confused or narcisistic.

                    • CurtisMSP

                      Tony encourages futile questions. It allows for interesting conversation, without having to resort to name-calling.

                    • Muzi Cindi

                      David Richards – I read Rob’s book; as well as Love Wins. In both books, I didn’t hear Rob Bell use the language of certainty. I hear him pose questions about God. The very title of the book is a question. He’s actually questioning if the theistic God is not being LEFT BEHIND! Rob doesn’t use the book to enforce the BELIEF that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses is the ONE TRUE GOD. Maybe I missed that part; please give me a reference.

                      A Zane Master was questioned on attempts to write English translations of Zen Buddhism. He responded:
                      “That’s a waste of time. If you really understand Zen… you can use any book. You could use the Bible. You could use Alice in Wonderland. You could use the dictionary, because… the sound of the rain needs no translation”.

                    • ESTESMAN

                      Muzi, Velvet Elvis, Sex God, Drops Like Stars and Jesus Wants To Save Christians are also Bell’s books. In Elvis he states very clearly his belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses. Bell, in his recent books, is attempting to draw a larger audience to the message of Jesus Christ. I have seen him live 7 times on his book tours. The Bible is nothing like Zen Buddhism. It is the story of people through time and their relationship with God. The NT is a combination of books about Jesus Christ and the explanation of the revelation He brought to the world. Jesus is very clear on the way to eternal life. Universalism is not Rob’s message…it may be something he is pondering.

              • CurtisMSP

                I think spirituality is universal. But I think humans get too caught up in thinking that they created or can understand spirituality. Spirituality exists, not in the knowing, but the not-knowing. In the “mystery”. Therefore, spirituality is not a human artifact, but rather is the mystery in which we live.

                That is why, ultimately, writing books about spirituality is futile. Because there is nothing to understand. Spirituality must be practiced and experienced. It can never be understood.

                • NateW

                  Good thoughts. I would say though that writing books is futile if the goal is intellectual transmission of Truth, but writing can also be approached as a means of establishing a sort of relationship with a broad range of people. The blood, sweat, and tears that are poured into great writing (whether fiction or non-fiction) can be felt by a reader (who has open eyes) an spiritual knowledge can be gained.

                • Muzi Cindi

                  I’m in full agreement with you. Is the Bible and some other Holy Books not based on Spiritual Experiences? Shouldn’t we use them as our guides and maps in our own spiritual paths? I think the Bible, in particular, can be a very good spiritual road map; as long as we manage to get it out of the hands of Fundamentalists & Literalists.

              • Yeah, they’re two peas in a progressive left coast pod.

          • God is love. Period.

  • Ric Shewell

    This was probably the “safest” book I’ve read by Bell. It’s really palatable for most people and not entirely challenging. I’m glad for him though.

  • KentonS

    O that you would elaborate on that sentence, Tony…

    (And why do I somehow know that you “just can’t”?)

  • Ric Shewell

    Can I also say how great Rob look in that picture. Man, who is dressing that boy?! They’re getting paid.