There’s a Disturbance in the Evangelical Force (Hint: It’s the Gays)

First, Fred tells us that Steve Chalke’s fantastic and robust Oasis ministry has been kicked out of the UK evangelical alliance.

Now CT reports that longtime evangelical publisher Multnomah has been forced out of the National Religious Broadcasters Association because it allowed some of its employees to work on Matthew Vines’s book for sister publisher, Convergent.

That’s right, if you allow your employees to work on a book that doesn’t fit your ideology, you are no longer evangelical.

On the webcast (above) about Vines’s book earlier this week, I closed by saying that I don’t think it’s possible to find a reasonable “third way” in the gays-and-church debate. Here’s another example of why.

I’m begging those of you who are trying to make changes from the inside, quietly laboring away in evangelical organizations and ministries, to open your eyes to what’s really happening.