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The_Point_Patheos_HeaderWait—stand with what, now?

National Geographic is running an ad on Facebook featuring the caption, “Stand behind the facts. Stand with science. Stand for the planet,” and then below that, “Subscribe to National Geographic for just $12.”

It’s good advertising. But how will subscribing to this magazine help facts, science, or the planet in light of their January cover? If you recall, it featured a young boy dressed in pink leopard print with long, dyed hair and the caption, “The best thing about being a girl is that I don’t have to pretend to be a boy.”

Pushing the idea that biological males can become females and vice-versa while posturing as champions of science is a bit contradictory. It elevates an ideology that denies facts and science in favor of feelings.

National Geographic and similar publications paint themselves as objective, but they’ve got worldview assumptions like the rest of us. And their worldview, which denies something as basic as male and female and exploits children to popularize it, is anything but scientific.

Image: National Geographic logo, Wikimedia Commons

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