Instead of Divide and Conquer, Let’s Conquer the Divide

Eventually, whites will likely become the new minority population in America. How do whites respond to this likely demographic change? Dr. David Anderson has provided a constructive approach to the issue.

Certainly, whites are not a monolithic reality. For one, we are made up of a wide array of ethnicities and people groups, whether we are cognizant of it or not. Moreover, our responses to such issues as these are not uniform. Further to what Anderson says, whites like me will either react and try to take back America from those who look different from us or we will prepare ourselves to integrate into an increasingly diverse ethnic America. I vote for the latter approach.

In the past, when whites felt threatened, they sometimes tried to divide and conquer ethnic minority populations. Instead of seeking to divide and conquer, let’s conquer the ethnic divide by integrating into it. Of course, it will require the grace of people of other ethnicities, such as Dr. Anderson, who encourages others to help whites make the transition. It will also require that we ourselves see a more complex America along ethnic lines to be mutually enriching and superior to monolithic and hegemonic ethnic categorizations. While white is not the only color (but it certainly is a color, and is not translucent), it is made more beautiful when positioned alongside other equally beautiful colors, just as God designed the world to be.

Instead of dividing and conquering, let’s conquer the divide by integrating and by celebrating the spectrum of colors that will make America all the more beautiful in the years ahead.

This piece is cross-posted at The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins and at The Christian Post.

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