Are We Looking for Jesus in the Right Place—Bethlehem?

No doubt, people who casually engaged the Scriptures would have expected the Messiah to come from Jerusalem. After all, Jerusalem was the capitol city. Read more

The Politicizing of the Faith Is Leading to Evangelical Christianity’s Spiritual Demise

In my experience, many young Evangelical Christians are opting out of their religious tradition or tribe because of disillusionment over what they believe is a politicizing of the faith for political gain at all costs by their parents’ generation. Read more

Advent: Jesus Is Coming! Are We Waiting for Him?

In addition to celebrating Jesus’ appearance at his first advent, we await his second advent, when he will judge the nations and reconcile all things to God. Read more

Are We Out of Joint Today at the End of Ordinary Time?

Today marks the end of “Ordinary Time” in the Christian calendar. The beginning of the Christian calendar year begins this Sunday for many churches. Tomorrow marks the first Sunday in Advent. We will discuss the beginning of the Christian calendar tomorrow. Today, let’s focus on the significance of the last day of “Ordinary Time.” First, a word about the occasion(s) of Ordinary Time. There are two periods in the Christian calendar that comprise Ordinary Time. For Roman Catholics, the first… Read more

How Just Would a Pre-Emptive Strike of North Korea by the U.S. Be?

The other day I watched a video clip of Senator Lindsey Graham saying to Wolf Blitzer that the Trump Administration and the United States will not allow North Korea to have a nuclear weapon that it could use to strike the United States (Refer here). While Graham does not think war is the best option, and although he understands the devastation a war (thousands or perhaps millions of casualties) with North Korea would cause (including to South Korea), he added,… Read more

Today Is Christ the King Sunday, Not Secular Creep Sunday.

Don’t think for a moment that the shopping mall fails to offer us religion. In fact, it’s so religious that many churches have been designed to look like them. Read more

God Does Not Lend a Helping Hand. God Gives Us Both Hands.

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “Lend a helping hand.” Instead of standing aloof, get involved. Now some people may be tempted to think that God stands aloof and does not lend a helping hand, unless perhaps we call on God to come to our aid. St. Irenaeus challenged that notion back in the second century A.D. In fact, he was not content to say God lends a helping hand. Rather, God is always at work in and for the creation… Read more

What Is the Key to Spiritual Success at Thanksgiving and Beyond? Giving Thanks.

  A young lady named Ana was severely injured in a head-on, hit and run automobile accident in mid-October. Ana has slowly proceeded from critical condition to rehabilitation. A friend of Ana’s shared yesterday that Ana was asked what she is thankful for at Thanksgiving. Her response to the question? “God.” Ana’s response moved me. Like Naomi and Ruth, who clung to Yahweh during desperate, vulnerable times as widows and refugees, and like Paul, who clung to Jesus while in… Read more

Jesus Depended on the Holy Spirit. How About Us?

Jesus’ whole life was Spirit-dependent (Spirit-Christicism). The Lord depended on the Holy Spirit at every turn. He was conceived by the Spirit (Luke 1:35), baptized and anointed through the Spirit (Luke 3:22; Luke 4:18), led by the Spirit (Luke 4:1), lifted up in crucifixion through the Spirit (Hebrews 9:14), and raised by the Spirit (Romans 8:11). What more was left? Nothing. Jesus’ whole life was and is constituted by the Spirit. Here are the biblical texts that I referenced in order… Read more

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