July 4, 2020

Early last week, the Governor of Washington issued a statement requiring people to wear masks in public places across the state beginning Friday, June 26th because of Covid-19. It appeared that half to two-thirds of the people congregating at the grocery store where I shopped last Friday didn’t read or hear the news, or simply discounted the mandate. As I exited the store with face covered, I crossed paths with an unmasked man wearing a t-shirt with the inscription, “Trust… Read more

July 2, 2020

Ephesians 2:11-22 features the church as a community made up of Jews and Gentiles. That includes everyone through faith in Christ. Paul writes of how the triune God has removed the dividing wall of hostility involving certain applications of the Law that functioned to polarize the two groups. Through Christ, the two have been brought together as one new humanity (2:15), fellow citizens of his kingdom, members of his household (2:19), and temple parts/participants (2:21): Therefore remember that at one… Read more

June 24, 2020

In John 9, the disciples were quick to blame the blind man or his parents for his blindness. The Pharisees blamed Jesus for healing him on the Sabbath. They did not perceive and understand what God was doing in their midst. They were blind to what was truly happening. Whereas the learned Pharisees did not recognize Jesus, the man who had been born blind and whom Jesus had just healed of his blindness could see who Jesus truly is. Sometimes… Read more

June 22, 2020

We need to increase diverse social connections during this season of social distancing. This interview with pastor, musician and writer Jimi Calhoun and diversity consultant and author Steve Hanamura increase our awareness on the need for showing care for those often shut-out and shut-in during this season of social distancing due to Covid-19. Pastor Calhoun, who is African American, and Mr. Hanamura, who is Japanese American and blind from birth, have a passion to foster diverse unity in the body of… Read more

June 19, 2020

The global societal meltdown resulting from Covid-19 provides an opportunity to dig deep down inside and reflect upon our lives and emotions in healthy ways. Are we willing, though? Are we afraid of what we might find if we dig too deep? It’s important that we descend with wise and able guides who will dig with us in order to draw from deep wells of fresh water and purify unclean water rather than drink from cesspools. Otherwise, we might avoid… Read more

June 17, 2020

We read reports of the rise in Covid-19 cases in various parts of the country. Close proximity aids the spread of the virus. Its level of contagion based on physical proximity has been compared to putting a large number of matches together. Light one match and watch the flame spread until each stick is ablaze. Vibrant Christianity is contagious, though not like the virus. Contagious, healthy Christianity requires proximity. What kind of proximity? Not necessarily physical proximity, but always relational… Read more

June 13, 2020

Some people are hoping all the racial tension will blow over or blow up, as the case may be. How about you? Would you welcome the opportunity to discuss the topic of white privilege without having to hold your breath or bite your tongue, and without trying to bite someone’s head off? It isn’t easy to have a civil conversation on such a weighty and heated topic. I reached out to a few thoughtful and gracious colleagues of diverse backgrounds… Read more

June 9, 2020

Karl Barth’s theology and the doctrine of the church go hand in hand. What does one of the twentieth century’s foremost theologians have to say about one of theology’s foremost though often neglected doctrines? Many argue that the church is under siege today. We hear talk of people leaving the church in droves. We observe that in many quarters organized religion is out. Organic and unofficial spirituality is in. Barth lived at a time when the church in Europe experienced… Read more

June 6, 2020

This interview with three of my close friends addresses institutional racism. George Floyd and before him Eric Gardner cried out while in police custody that they couldn’t breathe. They died shortly after uttering these words. While we are still finding it difficult to breathe due to the Coronavirus and economic recession, we ask when will we as a society be able to breathe again while we combat racism. In the wake of George Floyd’s killing while in the custody of… Read more

May 23, 2020

The aim of this blog post and video interview is to analyze health risks and economic risks while accounting for the role of Christian faith in the “new normal” brought on by the Coronavirus. I reached out to three business leaders to address this subject. Beyth Hogue Greenetz is a small business owner, serving other small businesses in the Portland area as a part-time CFO. Her educational background in both business and theology lends a holistic perspective of the common… Read more

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