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Dr. Paul Louis Metzger is the Founder and Director of The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins and Professor at Multnomah Biblical Seminary/Multnomah University. He is the author of numerous works, including "Connecting Christ: How to Discuss Jesus in a World of Diverse Paths" and "Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church." These volumes and his others can be found wherever fine books are sold.

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How Does America’s Foreign Policy Impact Gospel Witness? An Interview with Dr. Evan Hunter.

Dr. Evan Hunter (EH) is a theological educator collaborating with Christian movements across the globe. His experiences provide a unique and refreshing perspective on what gospel witness looks like beyond national boundaries. The following questions accompanied by Dr. Hunter’s answers will assist Christians who are passionate about the Great Commission and global theology in their missional endeavors (Refer to his bio at the close of this interview).Paul Louis Metzger (PLM): How foreign is E … [Read more...]

Are We Numb, Drowning in a Shallow Pool of Compassion and Empathy in Our Society?

You may have seen or read the news about the teenagers who videotaped and mocked a man as he drowned in Cocoa, Florida. All the teens had phones, but not one of them called for help to rescue the man (who was also disabled). The teens were not charged in the incident, since there is no law in Florida that requires people to aid a person in distress—not even to call someone to aid the person in distress.Cruel, heartless incidents like this disturb us, perhaps even scare us. Are we becoming n … [Read more...]

How Does Race Influence Your Views of Faith, Science and Politics?

All too often, I hear people say they’re color blind. I’m not referring to a color vision deficiency, but to the claim that they’re not racist. Regardless of what you and I make of such claims, it has been argued that racial considerations shaped white and black Evangelicals’ views at the time of the Scopes Trial. It makes one wonder how often racial concerns shape people’s views on faith and science as well as politics in various other contexts, even today.Mary Beth Swetnam Mathews is the au … [Read more...]

Who Locked Up Mercy and Threw Away the Key?

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” (Matthew 5:7; ESV)It’s not easy to find mercy in our society today. In reflecting upon personal examples of mercy, I was hard-pressed to find them. It’s almost as if someone locked up mercy and threw away the key.Take driving down the highway. We can feel so easily slighted by other drivers, as we are locked up behind metal and glass in our cars, SUV’s, and trucks. Try using your turn signal to change lanes. Some drivers will speed … [Read more...]

How to Have Healthy Conversations on Healthcare

One of the news items that is bound to give many people ulcers or heart attacks is the constant struggle over health care in our country. As under the Obama administration, so now under the Trump administration, we are facing once again the possibility of an overhaul to the health care system. If we were left or forced to choose, which of the following values would you prioritize when it comes to health care—affordability, accessibility, quality? Why would you choose that one over the others? W … [Read more...]

The Church Is Political, But How?

Have you ever seen Christian voters’ guides? In my Evangelical experience, they often look very red—and I don’t mean red letter for Jesus’ words in the Bible. That’s not to say there aren’t blue versions. No doubt there are equivalents for Democratic leaning churches, no matter the format. Perhaps churches are more diverse today than they were in the 1970’s and 1980’s, perhaps not. I fear, though, that partisan politics easily rules in the church. Here I am reminded of a statement by William Will … [Read more...]

How Important Is Being a Christian to Being an American? How Important Is It that America Be a Christian Nation for Being the Church in America?

How important is being a Christian to being an American? How important is it that America be a Christian nation for being the Church in America? A Pew study titled “What It Takes to Truly Be ‘One of Us’” reveals that Americans are sharply divided along partisan lines on the importance of the Christian religion: A clear partisan split in the U.S. also exists on the importance of being Christian. More than four-in-ten Republicans (43%) say it is a very important part of being an American. Fewer De … [Read more...]