Doubt, the Scurry

Thinking of it
is your first
mistake. A

scurry caught
in the corner
of a cat’s eye–

did it dart
down that hole,
that, or that?

One thing for
won’t come

back to sure,
after you catch
a scurry out

of the corner . . .
Then you’re a
cat peering

down that
crack, that,
and that. No

it won’t come
back, that relax
in old after the

cat’s seen
the scurry of . . .
doubt. There’s

a hole, a fissure,
a crack there.
Bat at it!

There. There.

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About David Breeden

The Rev. Dr. David Breeden is Senior Minister at First Unitarian Society in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He became a minister after a career as a university professor, teaching creative writing and literature. He has written several books on theological topics and translates the writings of philosophers of classical antiquity. More information is available at