Morten Lauridsen: O Magnum Mysterium

And who say our contemporary artists cannot compose sacred music on par with the tradition’s stalwarts?

Here is the choir of Westminster Cathedral singing Morten Lauridsen’s stunningly beautiful, even glorious setting of O Magnum Mysterium, during Midnight Mass 2009.

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  • Robert Lennon

    I’ve always preferred his “Ave Maria,” and this is a great recording of it —

    As for “contemporary artists cannot compose sacred music on par with the tradition’s stalwarts,” I think those who might make that critique are focused on the “folksy” trend that people tried to foist on everyone. I would not consider Lauridsen “folksy.”

    • markdefrancisis


      Thank you for sharing his “Ave Maria”. I first encountered his work at a Los Angeles Master Chorale live performance in the mid-nineties and have been a fan ever since.

      And I agree with both of your 2nd paragraph assessments.

  • Agellius

    Certainly they can! They just seem to choose not to most of the time.