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  • Mark VA

    The “17 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint” (linked to via the “petition” in the post) seem like sensible ways to increase the energy efficiency of one’s living. I would like to add one more:

    As most of us know, or should know, much of the developed world uses high speed (200 mph + at the moment) passenger trains for a lot of their travel. When coupled with nuclear power to energize the grid, as is done in France, the carbon footprint is nearly eliminated;

    If you have experienced this mode of travel, then perhaps you’ll agree that it is much more civilized than the automobile (tiring), or the airplane (unless you enjoy traveling in tight aluminum tubes pressurized to 10.9 psi). The proposals to build such a network in the USA, such as the Texas Central initiative, are consistently fought against by the vested interests (mostly airlines). So this choice is being denied to us.


    (575 km/hr = 357 mph – Vive la France!)