Blessed are the Poor

So do we give the homeless person begging for some spare change? Yes. Will that person use it to buy food? Maybe not. [Read more…]

Consider the Mycelium: Networks Will Heal The Earth

Vox Nova is pleased to publish the following guest post from Rhonda Miska. This post was originally published at Daily Theology. “Consider the birds of the air and the lilies of the field.” This is just one of many analogies drawn from the natural world in the Gospels. Jesus opts for fig trees, mustard seeds, [Read More…]

No Ham During Lent?

Vox Nova is pleased to welcome a guest post by Sr. Christina M. Neumann, OSF, a Franciscan sister from North Dakota.  She regularly blogs for her community at  Our Franciscan Fiat.   As Catholics, we’re all familiar with meatless Fridays this time of year, but have you ever heard the rule about “no ham during [Read More…]

Brains, Bodies, Borders, Biases and the Circle of Holy Belonging

Vox Nova is pleased to publish the following guest post by Rhonda Miska. “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls, to arrive at its destination full of hope.”     This was the refrain repeated over and over as I stood in a prayer circle of about thirty interfaith activists, a [Read More…]

Vermin Supreme, Anarchy and the Election

Vox Nova is pleased to present the following guest post by Ben Johnson. The turbulence and division caused by the most recent presidential election reminds me that we are not immune to chaos. We are in an already shaken nation. No matter how safe we feel, destructive, chaotic events simply occur in nature and take [Read More…]

Getting to All Lives Matter: Already But Not Yet

Vox Nova is pleased to welcome a guest contribution from Marcus Gaddy.  I will be moderating the comments—DCU. I’m a convert to Catholicism, only received in 2015, after growing up in the historically Black church. That heritage taught me early on that Black spirituality emphasizes Christ as liberator, both from sin and from those who [Read More…]

Why I Am No Longer a Single-Issue Voter for the Pro-Life Cause

Vox Nova is pleased to welcome a guest post by James McGehee. I grew up Catholic and Republican. I am now Catholic and politically independent. In my first three presidential elections, I voted for George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. This November will be different. I will not cast my vote for the [Read More…]

Mercy Is God’s Identity Card: Reflections on Francis’ The Name of God is Mercy

Today, Vox Nova is pleased to present a guest post by Alessandro Rovati, Ph.D., who is an adjunct professor of theology at Belmont Abbey College, NC. We are almost two months into the Holy Year of Mercy and the greatest temptation we face is formalism. We are surrounded by words and gestures that remind us [Read More…]

The Gender Drama

Vox Nova is pleased to welcome a guest post by T. Renee Kozinski.  She  has her Masters in the Liberal Arts from the Graduate Institute of St. John’s College, Annapolis, and is a teacher, poet, and artist. She is an online tutor with Great Books Discussions. A recently published article by Benedict Constable at OnePeter5 [Read More…]