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APA President Koocher's statement about therapy & same-sex attraction

This just in from APA's Public Affairs office via email from Rhea Farberman:APA Office of Public Affairs (202) 336-5700 Public.Affairs@apa.orgAugust 15, 2006Statement by Dr. Gerald P. Koocher Concerning Therapeutic Interventions To Deal With Unwanted Same-Sex AttractionDuring the Town Hall Meeting that took place at APA’s 2006 convention, I was asked about the role of patient choice in therapeutic interventions to diminish same-sex attractions.This is an extremely complex issue. And d … [Read more...]

Year in review – Top ten stories from 2006

As much for my own reference and recollection as anything else, I compiled this top ten list of stories from 2006. Since I am the only voter, the list is subjective and regular readers might arrange them differently or think I should have included another story over one of these. I am interested to hear any reactions along those lines. They are arranged in the order of the interest the story seemed to create here on the blog, not their actual importance in the real world.I first note the … [Read more...]

Australian news report on APA's presidents comments

Australian paper on the APA and the President Koocher's comments regarding therapy for same-sex attraction conflicts. … [Read more...]

Washington Times: APA's position unchanged

Today's Washington Times addresses the differences in interpreting APA President Gerald Koocher's remarks at the APA convention last month. We covered that issue here at that time noting that President Koocher clarified his remarks following the APA Town Hall meeting.The Washington Times site has been down most of the last two days. Here is the article from the Google cache.APA denies any retreat on gay therapyBy Joyce Howard Price THE WASHINGTON TIMES September 3, 2006Some pro-family … [Read more...]

APA president speaks about a client's right to self-determination

In a Q&A today at the American Psychological Association convention in New Orleans, APA president Gerald Koocher was asked about a client's right to seek therapy to modify same-sex attraction. He reportedly said (and I am seeking confirmation from the APA) that clients may seek psychotherapy to affirm their religious values even if that meant that the therapy involved objectives to modify same-sex attractions. He reportedly said that it would not be outside the APA's ethical guidelines to … [Read more...]