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Sexual identity therapy and neutrality, Part two

In this second post about therapeutic neutrality, I want to discuss what it does and doesn't mean in sexual identity therapy. Again, I want to react to some of the thoughts from Dr. Nicolosi in his article, Why I Am Not a Neutral Therapist.Dr. Nicolosi writes:What will happen when the uncommitted ("neutral") therapist hears his client revealing self-destructive behaviors that are statistically proven to be associated with SSA? How will he interpret these behaviors? Staying out of … [Read more...]

Sexual identity therapy and neutrality, Part one

Continuing the discussion about sexual identity therapy, I want to contrast our framework with both gay affirming and reparative therapies on the dimension of value neutrality in two posts. As a springboard for my thoughts, I want to quote from an article by Joseph Nicolosi on the NARTH website called, "Why I Am Not A Neutral Therapist." He led with this explanation:A Christian psychologist contacted me to discuss reorientation therapy for SSA men. Hoping to find a politically "safe" … [Read more...]

Sexual identity therapy: Is neutrality a bad thing?

Last year, I wrote an article for my website called I Am Not a Reparative Therapist. In that article, I indicated that one of my problems with reparative therapy, as I understood it, was that the therapist promoted reparative drive theory to clients as the singular source of same-sex attractions.It seems to me that if a therapist begins with this theory or any one-size-fits-all theory, confirmation bias will operate to find it in the histories of clients. It also seems to me that any theory … [Read more...]

World Vision Gaza Official Arrested in Israel Accused of Siphoning Money to Hamas

World Vision put out a presser on this developing story. Here is a BBC article from today describing Israel's arrest of a World Vision official accused of diverting funds to Hamas.Statement on World Vision Staff ArrestMedia contactCynthia ColinCorporate Communications Senior Director ccolin@ m 202.436.1266 p 202.572.6595FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEOn June 15, 2016, Mohammad El Halaby, the manager of operations for World Vision in Gaza, was … [Read more...]

Former Aide to Falwell and Colson Nelson Keener: When Kingdoms Collide

Guest post by Nelson Keener.Nelson Keener graduated from Liberty University and served as the late Jerry Falwell's assistant during the seminal days of the Moral Majority and later in a similar capacity with the late Chuck Colson. He resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.When Kingdoms CollideAt Liberty University College Democrats are not recognized as an official university club.Neither are College Republicans.Does this mean the prominent Christian institution, founded by the … [Read more...]

Institute on the Constitution, God and Government, and Christian Reconstructionism

Yesterday, the Institute on the Constitution dropped a press release about their God and Government program. From the Christian Newswire release: The "Institute on the Constitution" has launched "The God And Government Project" the purpose of which is to remind elected officials, and those who seek civil government offices, that government is from God and their first duty must be to obey God and His Word (Romans 13.) The folks at IOTC want citizens to use open mic time before city council … [Read more...]

Is the Military Preparing to Court Martial Christians? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: I have information from  Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen, a DoD Spokesman, regarding two issues of interest to claims about the military and religious faith. The first relates claims that Christians were being targeted. Lt. Cmdr. Christensen said in an email:"The U.S. Department of Defense has never and will never single out a particular religious group for persecution or prosecution.  The Department makes reasonable accommodations for all religions and celebrates the religious diversity of … [Read more...]

Anoka-Hennepin School District's Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy

Currently, the Anoka-Hennepin School District (AHSD) in MN is under fire in relationship to eight suicides in the district over the last two years. Critics say they have not done enough to prevent the anti-gay bullying and harassment that often precedes despair and depression for kids who are same-sex attracted and those who are perceived to be.The AHSD added a page on GLBT issues to their website recently. The district neutrality policy is at the center of the controversy with some parents … [Read more...]